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  • Freight Delivery

    All Metal Hoop House Kits,  Greenhouse Coverings, and Automated Grow Racks are shipped via freight on wooden pallets. Each pallet weighs between 800 lbs. and 1,500 lbs. (varies with size and add-ons). Orders over 1,500 lbs. will come on multiple pallets. 

    30' Round All-Steel Greenhouse Kits are shipped on multiple custom-built pallets. These can weigh up to 2,400 lbs. 

    freight packaged in box on pallet



    • Hoop House Single Door Kits - 94” Long x 48” Wide x 3’-4’ High 
    • Hoop House Double Door Kits - 94” Long x 48” Wide x 80" High
    • 30' Hoop House - 2 pallets: 94" L x 46" W x 82" H and 144" L x 46" W x Height will vary
    • Automated Grow Racks - 48" Long x 40" Wide x 83" High between 190 lbs. - 220 lbs. per system
    • Most other items - 48" Long x 40" Wide x varying height (18" - 74")
    • Rolls of plastic can be upwards of 120 lbs.

    Delivery Notes

    Every delivery requires:
    1.  Delivery appointment/onsite contact.
    2. The truck to stay curbside without driving down their driveway.
    3. The customer is responsible for unloading.

    Shipping included delivery from Bootstrap Farmer to the driveway of your address. Forklifts, lift-gates, and help from the driver are not included. For locations that have very limited access a terminal pickup location may be required. 

    Carriers are contracted to get the pallets to your driveway safely. The driver may not be able to get exactly in your most ideal location for various reasons, including the safety of people, the load, their truck, and your property. The driver will determine the limits of any extra transport past your gate. 

    Please allow for a window of time for drivers and provide any additional information to the carrier when they call to ensure they can find your location. 

    If locations are changed while en route, additional fees may be charged by the carrier.

    Checking in Your Delivery

    When the truck arrives, you are responsible for documenting the load to ensure damage has not occurred. Take pics from all angles, and be sure to note any damage on the delivery paperwork. Email Bootstrap Farmer (contact@bootstrapfarmer.com) if you have any concerns or issues including damage. If missing or damaged parts arrive, Bootstrap Farmer will immediately send out replacements. 

    Missing or damaged parts need to be documented through pictures and paperwork documentation BEFORE unloading by you and the driver. If the damage is severe or the pallet does not match your pictures sent to your email. Contact us by phone (888)-406-1982 or via email at contact@bootstrapfarmer.com immediately so we can decide the best course of action.

    Your Instruction Book and Pick List will be marked in a box near the top of the pallet. Use the pick list to verify inventory. 


    Be aware that the pallet on the freight truck is your responsibility to unload. 

    You can cut the strapping and shrink wrap and hand unload or rent an outdoor forklift. 

    Pallets can weigh up to 1500 pounds. You are solely responsible for your safety, not damaging your load, and not damaging the freight carrier’s property when unloading by hand or with heavy equipment. 

    There will not be a forklift or liftgate provided. 

    If you are hand unloading, the heaviest pieces will be the box containing the greenhouse film (between 70lbs and 280 lbs). The hardware box may weigh up to 60 pounds. Most of the bulk is easily handled. 

    The carrier will allow time to unload but be prepared with help. The driver is not paid or required to help with unloading. Remember that the driver will likely be on a tight schedule. Unload as quickly as you can while staying safe. 

    In some cases, a lift gate may be available but will be up to the carrier and will result in additional fees up to $150 of which you will be responsible for.

    Transit Times 

    Most shipments take between 3-8 business days. Freight transit times are estimates only. It is not uncommon for delays of several days to happen while in transit and this is outside of our control.

    Understanding the Freight Process

    Once the kit leaves, it will travel to Dallas to a freight hub to get sent on another truck to start heading to the closest hub to your location. It might take additional hub transfers. From there, it will get put on the last truck to be delivered to your farm. 

    All of these transfers take place 24 hours a day and will be touched several times by various forklifts and electric pallet jacks. 99% of the time, this all works as intended. For the 1% where damage occurs, there are procedures in place to protect you and Bootstrap Farmer from additional financial loss. The above check-in and picture taking all are part of those procedures. Bootstrap Farmer may recoup our loss weeks if not months after the incident only if properly documented. We will send replacement parts out in as little as 24 hours, if not the same day to get you quickly moving on your project. 

    Please help us keep costs down for everyone by helping us with any claims we need to file by following the instructions and being prepared for unloading. 

    Thank You!

    Bootstrap Farmer