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    Equipment guides

    Bootstrap Farmer Equipment Guides

    Bootstrap Farmer takes you through many of their products and demonstrates how to use them. From hacks for removing transplants from cell trays to the best way to quickly tamp your soil when planting, we’ve got you covered. Tune into this playlist for equipment how-to's and tips for your favorite Bootstrap Farmer products.


    USA Manufacturing


    USA Manufacturing | Bootstrap Farmer 

    Bootstrap Farmer shares behind-the-scenes footage of the manufacturing of many of your favorite USA-made items. Watch the innovation in action and get to know some of the steps involved in making your favorite products!




    Bootstrap Farmer Podcast

    This playlist has all of the complimentary videos for our podcast. The podcast focuses on empowering growers and gardeners with the knowledge and resources you need to be successful, whether you are a backyard gardener, flower farmer, market farmer or large scale production farm. Click here to learn more about the podcast and watch the videos. Even if you have already heard them over on your favorite podcast service, these videos let you see what our guests are talking about.


    hoop house 101


    Hoop House 101

    Bootstrap Farmer’s new workshop series in which our tech-line and special projects manager Julian Sandoval, and Nick Burton the designer of the US Made All Metal Hoop Houses, discuss all of the aspects of hoop houses from choosing a kit to site preparation to installation. This is a great place to start whether you are getting ready to build your first hoop house or putting up your tenth.


    Hoop House 201

    The follow-up to our Hoop House 101 series where we get more in depth with the different styles of available kits. In this series we explore the 30’ Round Hoop House as well as our newly designed gothic greenhouse structures. Nick and Julian also discuss the unique features of building something this tall on the farm.




    Hoop House Tomatoes

    In this series, we provide a whole bushel of information on pruning indeterminate tomatoes and building trellis systems for them in a hoop house. We go deep into the lower and lean method of trellising cherry tomatoes, showing you how to get the most from your vines all season long. Check out this video series for information that will lead to more manageable, cleaner, healthier tomatoes; also applicable to other vining crops like cucumbers.


    Tracy Lutz


    Kansas Garden Guy: Four Seasons of Market Gardening

    Follow Tracy Lutz, market farmer, in this video series that covers the expansion of his farm business. Early episodes cover the build of his USA Made All-Metal Hoop House kit as he gears up for the market season. Follow along to watch what it takes to run a Market Farm from preventing weeds in the high tunnel to seeding early cool season crops. Tracy takes us through his process with the joy and humility that makes him one of our favorite farmers to watch.




    Follow this series to learn about Bootstrap Farmer's home irrigation kits. Learn how to assemble our row irrigation, raised bed irrigation and our vertical living wall kit in these videos. As we add new irrigation systems and components that make your life easier we will showcase them here.





    Here you will find videos on Microgreens, our latest microgreens products, and advice from experts. Learn more about growing and selling microgreens.


    hoop house


    Heavy Duty Hoop House Greenhouse Kit

    This playlist covers start to finish the build of our All-Metal greenhouse kit. Learn more about how easy it is to assemble and tips on maintenance in this series.



    Bootstrap Farmer Weekly

    Our multi-segment show that features contributors from the Bootstrap Farmer creative team as well as special guests. Included are segments on Ag history, farm tips, exploring urban Ag, homesteading tech, farm business principles, book reviews, behind the scenes at Bootstrap Farmer  and seasonal topics.