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What are Frost Blankets?

Frost blankets are coverings made of lightweight, 100% polypropylene fabric. Frost blankets are ultra-lightweight, keeping your plants safe from damage. Unlike commonly used alternatives like bed sheets, burlap, or painter's tarps, the fabric allows plants proper airflow. They are also designed to dry quickly and will not become heavy from moisture. 


When to Use a Frost Blanket

Growers use frost blankets for several different types of applications.

1. To protect newly sprouted seedlings in outdoor rows.

2. Covering late fall crops before frost.

3. Protect crops from early spring frosts.

frost blanket on hoops covering row crops 

What are the Different Weights of Frost Blankets? 

 Bootstrap Farmer carries 2.1 oz., 2.5 oz., and 4.0 oz. frost blanket. 


2.1 oz.- This lightweight option is perfect for longer-term applications or in areas where only a light frost will hit. Since it is so lightweight, sunlight can still easily penetrate.


2.5 oz.-This mid-weight option offers a little more protection than the 2.1 oz. but still allows for excellent light transmission.


4.0 oz.- This is a heavier duty option for protection from frost. This material will not let as much light through, so we suggest this is used as a temporary application. A grower can use this weight in conjunction with the 2.5 oz for extra protection during a cold snap. This size is less than ideal for long-term application as it does not allow for as much airflow or sun penetration.


How to Install Frost Blankets

Frost blankets can be installed on row crops with low-tunnel hoops or laid directly on the plants you wish to protect. The blanket can be anchored with landscape fabric pins, rocks, or sandbags. 

You will want to install the frost blanket before the frost. When the sun comes out, and all danger of frost has passed, remove the covering and fold and store correctly. If soiled, you can lightly rinse with cool water and let air dry completely before storing.