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    Crops that work great for kids in the garden are sunflowers, radishes, cherry tomatoes, peas, and strawberries. Sunflowers are easy growers and bring big, vibrant blooms, while radishes grow quickly and come in many colors. Cherry tomatoes are sweet snacks, and peas teach about climbing plants. Strawberries give delicious rewards and grow easily in pots, grow bags, or raised beds.

    Kids can start gardening as young as 3 or 4 years old. They can help with simple tasks like planting seeds and watering plants. As they grow older, they can take on more responsibilities and learn about caring for plants and harvesting. Gardening is a hands-on way for children to connect with nature and learn valuable skills.

    In school gardens, kids learn about plants, healthy eating, and teamwork. They see how things grow and taste fresh fruits and vegetables. Gardens teach them to work together and solve problems. It's hands-on learning that's fun and connects them to nature.