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Who is Bootstrap Farmer?

Imagine a company that feels like doing business with a neighbor, with the reliability you can trust your business purchases with, even those that are last minute. Our vision is that our customers feel seen and heard and know that they are not just an order with us.

Growers big and small are why we do business- the collective doers make us Bootstrap Farmer. We are here to meet you with commercial quality equipment, reliable service, and supportive resources no matter your growing needs.

We Empower Growers

What started as a small company in 2015, created to fill an underserved need in the market for heavier duty trays, has grown beyond our expectations. Heavy-duty was just the beginning.

Our focus has shifted to USA manufacturing, unparalleled service, and community-supported education for new and experienced growers. Seeing more growers say "No" to single-use plastics, choosing instead to purchase long-lasting products drives us to keep improving our quality and increase environmental sustainability.

Creating more USA manufacturing jobs, watching small business owners thrive, and celebrating those out “doing” is our why.

Get to Know Us

We are a small but mighty team of experienced growers. Our customer support offers guidance and support via phone and email seven days a week.
Managing Partner/ CEO
Brad, CEO of Bootstrap Farmer, has an overarching view of the daily operations of the company and has his hands in almost every aspect of Bootstrap Farmer whether it be customer service or product development.
Logistics and Operations Coordinator
Liz (Brad's wife) is firmly in control of our shipping & logistics. She also assists the customer service team with daily operations and inquiries.
 Product Development, Media, Podcast Host
Nick is the lead designer for our All-Metal Hoop House kits. He can be heard on the Bootstrap Farmer Podcast, on our YouTube channel, or found behind the scenes, doing media & content. 
Technical Support, Sales, Product Development
Julian heads up special projects for Bootstrap Farmer. You can also find him on the sales and tech line where he is ready to assist with greenhouse kits and volume sales.
Creative Director
Katie is in charge of social media posting as well as guiding all media and content for Bootstrap Farmer. Katie and her husband Andy run a conservation tree farm- Russo Tree Farm in rural South Dakota.
Customer Service Manager
Rikki heads up our customer team. She loves supporting other growers and is able to help with any growing questions you may have. Rikki is also currently in the process of starting her own flower farm near Nashville.
Marketing Strategist
Jillian is a marketing strategist and dairy farmer with her husband Jackson in Western Massachusetts. You can find her working on the backend of our website and marketing channels as well as contributing to the blog.
Writer, Customer Service
Emily assists customers both on the phone and through her information blogs and tutorials. 
She bootstrapped her Little Rainbow Farm from a side passion into a business that allows her to work at home. 
Customer Service
Annie is one of the friendly voices you will reach when you call for customer service. Annie owns Robust Farm, a market garden in Cleveland, Ohio that sells quality produce directly to restaurants. 
Customer Service
Rachel recently joined our customer service team. She runs LoveBug Farms with her partner where they grow a wide variety of heirloom veggies using regenerative practices to produce quality food for their community. 
Sales, Product Development, Wholesale
Randy recently joined our team, bringing 11 years of agricultural consulting and service experience. He has a passion for controlled environment and protected culture growing and helping customers get the products and support they need to be successful. 

Choose Your Adventure

Shop Our Products

No matter what your growing needs are, we offer commercial quality equipment. We serve ALL growers big and small.
Grow Bags
Grow bags come in a variety of sizes and offer superior drainage and excellent aeration.
Seed Starting 
All of your favorite seed starting gear. Reusable, heavy-duty and designed to last a lifetime.
Microgreen Trays
Heavy-duty, reusable trays made from food-safe plastic for ease of cleaning.
Greenhouse Kits
Our USA Made kits protect crops and provide them with the ideal growing environment.

Learn With Us

We believe that you are never done learning. We also believe that resources should be shared for free. We are not here re-inventing the wheel on growing- only sharing what has worked for us and highlighting other growers out there "doing".
seed starting guides
Seed Starting
Check out our extensive list of seed starting resources and tips from industry insiders.
growing cut flowers
Growing Flowers
Interested in cut flowers? Browse this blog collection for tips on all things flower growing.
Growing Tomatoes
Learn about starting tomatoes from seed and managing the plants as they grow.
Grow bags
Grow Bags
Grow bags are perfect for gardens! Learn more about using fabric grow bags for your gardening.
Edible flowers
Growing Edible Flowers
We take you through the process of cultivating and selling blooms and buds for chefs and personal use.
how-to guides
How-to Guides
Simple, DIY how-to guides from seed saving to food storage and preservation of garden produce.
Growing Microgreens
Learn various methods of growing microgreens. We have comprehensive guides and tutorials.
Farmer Spotlights
Farmer Spotlight
Read about growers from all different regions and learn about their struggles and victories.
Building a Greenhouse
Building a Greenhouse
Are you needing DIY build greenhouse tips? Well, you are in the right place, we have tips galore! 

Listen to Our Podcast

We interview farmers from all walks of life to share their experiences and give helpful tips to growers, no matter where they are in their journey.




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Watch Our Videos

Our YouTube channel takes you through many of our products and demonstrates how to use them. You will also catch behind the scenes footage of product manufacturing.
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