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Seed Starting & Propagation Equipment

Heavy Duty Seed Trays & Kits

Reduce waste with our durable equipment.  Our drop seeder & plug popper (late this summer!) is perfect for scaling small farmers. 

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Automated Vertical Grow Racks

Modular and versitle racks allow you to grow and scale your business efficiently using automated irrigation.

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DIY High Tunnel Greenhouse Kits

 With a pole bender from us, you can purchase the metal conduit & wood locally to save a ton on shipping. 

First timer? Visit our How to Build a Greenhouse Blog to get oriented. 

Ready to buy? We have a kit builder page to make it simple.

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Covers & Accessories

Add heavy duty 5oz. landscape fabric, & insect netting & shade cloth to your structure.  Need extra or replacement plastic? Shop 4 year plastic here

All of our currently rated greenhouse equipment has an average of 5 stars by our customers. (Thank you to those that support us!) 

Our hand crank & lock channel/wire combo are our most popular greenhouse accessories. 

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containers, Irrigation & trusted farm inputs

Heavy Duty Containers & Irrigation

We have dutch buckets, grow bags, pots & saucers for your indoor and outdoor needs. 

Looking for Irrigation products? We don't even try to out do Drip Depot

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Buckets, Bags, Pots & Saucers

Insects, Nutrients, & OMRI Products

At Bootstrap Farmer we know our strengths.  When it comes to Beneficial Insects, Nutrients, Pest Control & OMRI listed products, we've partnered with Arbico Organics because, well, no one's been doing it better for the last 40 years. Use & save our links to let them know Bootstrap sent you.

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