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  • 32-Cell Reusable Plant Starter Trays with Inserts

    Extra Strength 32 Cell Seedling Tray with Cell Inserts

    Pack Sizes

    2 Pack Includes: (2) 32 Cell Seedling Plug Trays with (80)removable inserts

    5 Pack Includes:  (5) 32 Cell Seedling Plug Trays with (200) removable inserts

    10 Pack Includes:  (10) 32 Cell Seedling Plug Trays with (400) removable inserts



    Exclusively designed and sold by Bootstrap Farmer.

    32 cell seedling tray kits are perfect for plant propagation and seed germination. Vegetables like cucumbers, tomatoes, melons, flowers, will thrive in the 32 cell seedling tray kit. The removable inserts included in the kit allow growers to easily transport seedlings.

    32 cell seedling tray kits provide extra space for soil and roots, allowing more room for plants to thrive and grow. 


    • Won't break or warp when filled with material
    • Designed to work with shallow 1020 trays without holes  (bottom tray for watering)
    • Made from BPA free food-safe plastic
    • Due to the height of the insert tray, dome lids will not completely seal to the 1020 on the lip
    • Will not fit over 32-cell trays with pots in them.

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    Ask a Question
    • Is it possible to get this design in a larger size like 16 pots per tray. I have seen them at my local greenhouse and asked about them all the worker would tell me is they came from the grower supplier.

      We do not currently have that size available but we are working to design one. If you join our mailing list you will be notified when we launch new products.

    • It mentions these can be used with the shallow tray for watering. Is there a reason the deep tray can't be used?

      The 32 cell tray is 2.25" deep and the deep 1020 trays are 2.5" deep. This leaves .25" of space between the trays. Because the shallow tray is 1.25" deep, the 32 cell tray will rest on the bottom of the shallow tray, making bottom watering much more effective.

    • What are the dimensions of these trays?

      • Each cell measures 2” square by 2” deep. Outer Dimensions: 21 1/4” x 11 1/4” x 2” Deep

    • Can these seed starting cells/pots be washed in a dishwasher? I'm getting ready to clean them all up for winter storage and wondered if I could run them through a dishwasher after I've rinsed them all out of course. Thanks!

      You can use the top rack of the dishwasher. Be sure to turn off the heated dry feature.

    • Do the 32-CELL REUSABLE PLANT STARTER TRAYS WITH INSERTS work best with the 1020 shallow or deep trays for bottom watering? Also canthey be used with 1020 humidity domes? Thanks.

      They work best with the shallow trays for bottom watering. They can be used with humidity domes but they sit on the lip of the cell tray this way and not on the rim of the bottom tray.

    • how necessary is the dome for seed germination ....also how long is the heat mat used in the germination process

      Humidty domes aren't totally necessary but are a great add to any seed starting set-up. Humidty domes can increase germinate rates and keep your environment moist. This is especially good for crops that enjoy hot temps.

    • Are extra inserts available separately for purchase?

      Yes the 2" insert pots are available here: https://www.bootstrapfarmer.com/collections/seed-trays/products/starter-pots-2in-extra-strength

    • Does the humidity dome fit this 32 cell tray?

      The domes will fit but they will sit on top of the inserts rather than on the 32 cell tray.

    • what is the dimension for the tray? i see that this tray has openings on the bottom. is there one that is not? maybe a flat tray?

      Our 32 cell tray is still a 10x20 tray so that it can nest inside our flat 1020 with no holes.  The cells are 2" wide and the tray is 2.25" deep with a hole at the bottom of each cell.

    • Hi there, What are the dimensions of the individual inserts? Thank you!

      They are 2"x2" on the top and 3" tall.  They are about 1.75" on the bottom. 

    • Are the inserts the 2.5x2.5x3 inserts, or are they smaller?

      The pots are 2.5x2.5x3, which are also found here separately: https://www.bootstrapfarmer.com/products/starter-pots-2in-extra-strength?_pos=1&_sid=d632ab9c2&_ss=r

    • Are the inserts 3" deep? I want to grow prairie plants and need depth the roots.

      Yes, they are! You can view the specs on the pots here: https://www.bootstrapfarmer.com/products/starter-pots-2in-extra-strength?_pos=1&_psq=2.5%E2%80%9D%20pot&_ss=e&_v=1.0&variant=15882313826394