Tomato Roller Hooks

Pack Size

Kit Includes

  • Heavy-duty  ⅛”-¼”  wire frame 
  • Uv Resistant 100' spool of twine with hooks to hold trellis line

Sliding Hooks for Trellising 

Get support for growing vine crops in a hoop house or greenhouse with this roller-hook trellis kit. Tomato or vine clips and trellis systems help to keep new growth out of the hottest areas of a greenhouse while providing ventilation to fruit. Use this roller system for sliding hooks to provide support on a trellis for vine crops. This complete roller hook for the lower and lean method provides the grower with everything they need to implement a trellis system in their hoop house or greenhouse. 

Trellis line deployment for "lower and lean" vine crops is easy to use and gives the ability to control the amount of line dispensed.  

Includes a heavy-duty wire frame that holds a spool holding 100' of twine. Easily clips over ⅛”-¼”  galvanized wire. Seamlessly release twine while sliding down the wire to lower and lean trellised vine crops, such as eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

Trellis vine crops like the pros!

The fastest way to trellis lower and lean trellised vine crops, such as eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

The quick-release feature allows growers to move or save clips after use. White polypropylene clips have a 3/4" opening and have side openings for better airflow. 

We recommend using these clips with our slider hooks as jute and similar lines may be too thick for clips to grip. 

Refilling Spools for lower and lean hooks

Simply remove spent spools and snap pre-wound spools into wire tabs. 100’ of twine per refill

Sold in packs of 20 spools and designed to be used with tomato clips


  • Keeps new delicate growth out of hottest part of Hoop House
  • Allows side roll-up ventilation at fruit level to keep plant cooler
  • Helps provide a comfortable and efficient working height 
  • Properly trained and pruned vines allow for more plants/harvest
  • Allows vines to grow to full potential

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