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  • Air Prune Propagation Tray - 72 Cell

    Alternative to Soil Blocking

    Get the air pruning benefits of soil blocking without the mess! These farm trays allow for airflow above and below the soil, so newly established seedlings get optimal growing conditions for a strong start. Gain healthier root systems and stronger transplants using these air pruning block trays. Start all of your flowers, herbs, and vegetables in these seed-starting block trays. Also available in bright colors!


    • Stronger, healthier root systems - Airstrips in each cell prune the roots to prevent root circling
    • Perfect for delicate starts - Includes large bottom holes for easy removal
    • Ample airflow - Air channels between each cell provide even air circulation
    • Dimensions -  19-13/16" x 9-14/16" x 2-5/16"
    • Individual Cell Dimensions- 1.37" from the top, 2.29" tall, .87" hole, and 1" at the bottom
    • Durable, heavy-duty to last a lifetime - Backed by a 2 Year Warranty 
    • Compatible with our shallow 1020 trays or our deep 1020 trays for easy bottom-watering. Also available in colors!
    • Made from BPA-free, food-safe plastic using a Prime FDA Impact Resistant Polypropylene
    • Made in the USA
    • Available in black, green, orange, blue, pink, purple, and multi-color packs

    How to Use Air Prune Seed Starting Trays

    Fill trays with well-draining soil, taking care not to overfill. Lightly compress soil until firm but not compacted. Mist the soil lightly and plant seeds into the media. After planting, bottom-watering can commence using a 1020 shallow tray or deep 1020 tray.

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    Ask a Question
    • What are the cell dimensions?

      The cell dimensions are 1.37" square, are 2.29" tall, and taper to 1" square at the bottom. The drainage hole in the cell is .87".

    • Are these compatible with humidity domes?

      Yes the dome will fit over the air prune inside a deep 1020 tray. The dome will not rest on the edge of the air prune tray.

    • can I buy 2 Air prune propagation trays 72 sections each- black for 16.99 each? also 2 1020 extra strength humidity domes & 1020 microgreen trays shallow extra

      Yes, all of these can be ordered through our site. If you would like some help putting your order together you can call our customer service team at 888-406-1982 ext. 0.

    • These trays are very robust & providing good results. Filling them with seed starting mix is a bit messy though, because of the spaces in between the planting cells. Is there any simple way to block off those unused spaces during filling, to make the process more straightforward and less messy?

      We have a video all about how to fill an air prune tray!


    • Will these fit into the extra strength 1020 tray? I prefer not to use the shallow trays if possible.

      Yes they will! They will fit but just be aware that since they are the same depth as the tray they're nestling into, that removing them will be a bit more difficult. Placing a finger into the air holes at the top should make lifting them. out fairly easy.

    • I have a standard 1020 (72) cell vacuum seeder and automated dibbler setup . Could these existing tools be used with the air prune trays?

      We recommend you measure the dimensions of our 72 air prune tray, including the cell size against your vacuum seeder. Because these trays are specifically designed to fit the dimension of our trays, it is difficult to say if they will fit another brand of trays or seeding equipment.

    • Will the air pruning tray fit into the s 1020 shallow microgreen trays?


    • I have 2 questions: 1. Are these trays made from recycled plastic? 2. It seems that the hole at the bottom of each cell is rather large. How do you prevent the potting mix from just falling through and out the bottom?

      Both the black and colored air prune trays are virgin plastic. A pre-moistened mix will help reduce the amount of matter that falls through the drainage hole.