Bootstrap Farmer Radio - A Farm Fusion & Business Podcast


This is a podcast discussing how to grow within the modern business of food & agriculture on a bootstrap budget & education.  

The internet is making more connections and distributing knowledge in a way that makes it accessible for us all.

Our focus isn't mega-greenhouses or fields of monoculture, instead, we talk about low-cost, versatile and adaptable green businesses that can sustain a family through the best and worst of times.  We find the small farmers running profitable farm businesses and find out their keys to success.

We believe that small farmers are stronger together. And now that we’ve got the ability to connect online, the possibilities are endless.

By building a network of like-minded farmers who want to rethink how we get our produce to the modern consumer, we’ll all be able to adjust quickly and meet the ever-evolving needs of the general public. 

To discuss & implement these possibilities, this podcast is part of the platform that focuses on collaboration instead of competition.

If our biggest struggle is finding a way to serve end consumers in a way that fits their modern lifestyle, then we’ll come together to change that. This podcast will focus on ways to connect with clients & consumers in ways that we haven’t thought of or thought possible.  

We’re going to accelerate the local food movement.

By local farms learning & workingwitheach other, we can offer locally what big ag will never be able to - and that’s the ability to share & implement ideas from farm to farm on an instant and personal basis.

More connections means, more ideas, more accountability, more networks of support, & opportunities for collaboration.

Local farmers can rebuild the food supply by better connecting with chefs, bartenders, grocery stores, other farmers and end consumers in a multitude of ways.  

So, join us in Bootstrapping the Food Revolution.  Together we are stronger and louder than any one voice alone.  Allow us some time in your ear as you enjoy the podcast, but then come take action with us in growing to achieve the results we want for our lives, our neighborhood and our business.

 -Brandon Youst, Founder Bootstrap Farmer

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