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    You are a fact master. It is clear that you have taken the time to learn your craft and study the available research on growing microgreens and their nutritional value. If you are not already, it may be time for you to start sharing your expertise with your community.

    Our Ultimate Microgreen Cheat Sheet is designed to help you expand your repertoire of varieties and fine tune your growing. It can be particularly helpful when working with some of the trickier varieties like amaranth and celery. If you find yourself having trouble with mold as you work with longer grows and notoriously dirty seeds like cilantro or sunflowers, check out our advice on  Mold on Microgreens

    If you enjoy diving deep into scientific research we highly recommend checking out some of the articles and papers listed here.


    This is a 78 page dissertation comparing and contrasting plant height and harvested weights as related to differences in seed density, fertilizer concentration, substrate depth, air temperature and other factors.

    Antioxidant properties and sensory evaluation of microgreens from commercial and local farms

    This shows some very interesting comparisons between mass production and small farms. It also compares hydroponic growing of microgreens to their soil grown counterparts.

    This freely available eBook published in 2021 does a great job of compiling the available research in one place for you to review.
    Ongoing Research on MicrogreensNutritional Properties, Shelf-life, Sustainable Production, Innovative Growing and Processing Approaches

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    If all that research has you hyped and ready to expand your growing operation, automation is key. You can always build your own system but why not let us do the engineering for you? Our automated grow rack takes care of watering, lighting and keeping the air moving for ideal growth. It can be used for hydroponic growing or for growing microgreens in soil.

    If you need more trays to support your growing business you can contact our sales department directly for bulk sales at the pallet level by emailing Sales@bootstrapfarmer.com. A pallet includes 30-36 cases that can be mixed and matched with all of our products. Cases will be the largest pack size we offer in any given tray.