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    Your Bootstrap Farmer equipment is built to last, but since life happens, we keep you covered with a limited warranty for some peace of mind. If you're looking for information on your product's warranty coverage, how long it lasts, and what it covers, you've come to the right spot. 

    Warranty by Product

    Cell Trays
    All thermoformed trays (cell trays) have a warranty to be free from defects for one year after purchase.  

    6 Cell Plug Tray, 72 Cell Air Pruning Trays
    All injection molded trays are warrantied for two years after the initial purchase to be free from defects, cracks, or breaks under normal use.

    Heavy-Duty Hoop Bender
    2-year warranty to be free from manufacturing defects. 

    Commercial Microgreen Tray Washer
    2-year warranty to be free from manufacturing defects. 

    Microgreen Trays
    Warrantied for two years to be free from defects, cracks or breaks under normal use.

    Greenhouse Parts
    A two-year warranty applies for the greenhouse connectors, couplings, winches, wiggle wire & channel purchased from BootstrapFarmer.com.

    Greenhouse Kits
    All Metal Kits have a five-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

    GH Plastic Clear 6 mil 
    4-year manufacturer's warranty 

    Shade Cloth
    Eight years (from UV degradation)

    LED lights
    Warrantied for one year to be free of defects. 

    How to Make a Warranty Claim

    Email us at contact@bootstrapfarmer.com with the order # and a photo/video of the damage, and in the subject line, note "warranty request." From there, our customer service team will handle the rest. Warranty valid only when purchased through BootstrapFarmer.com or our Amazon storefront. 

    Shipping Damage Claims are not Warranty Replacements. 

    If a product is damaged in shipping to you, reach out to us for a replacement within 7 days of receiving the package. We will need to file a shipping claim. Please send pictures of the box, inside the box, and the damaged product via email at contact@bootstrapfarmer.com, and we will send you replacements. The pictures are required for the shipping claim. We appreciate your help with this, as it is our priority to get a replacement sent to you as soon as possible.

    When are my products not covered?

    • Product damaged from misuse/left outside in the elements.
    • Products that have been soiled or abused beyond a reasonable expectation
    • Products lost or damaged through natural disasters, fire, or accidents
    • Product purchased outside of warranty limit (warranty lengths vary on the product)

    USA Manufactured Products from Bootstrap Farmer

    Bootstrap Farmer stands by our USA-made products' exclusive designs and sturdy construction. We are so sure that our heavy-duty trays will last that we guarantee it! Read more about how we warranty our products and how our innovations and transition to manufacturing in the United States have improved our already reliable equipment. 

    User-tested, Hands on Design of USA-Made Products

    Since moving our tray production to the US, we have had a more hands-on role in the trays' design, composition, and manufacturing process. We have found ways to improve our product, like increasing the tray's flexibility while preserving the heavy-duty standard. This extra flexibility reduced the risk of corner chipping on the trays, making them even more indestructible! We were even able to redesign the tray's appearance by adding a thumb notch and thicker tray walls giving them added strength and durability

    We've also been able to speed up product development, improve quality control and reduce our carbon footprint by lowering shipping miles.

    All USA Made 1020 trays, 1020 microgreen trays, 1020 Mesh Trays, 1010 Trays, air pruning trays, six-cell plug insert trays, and 2.5" seed starting pots have a 2-year warranty to be free from defects.  

    To ensure quality, we test our products at real working farms. If it doesn't break, it's ready for your farm. Then, the testing continues with you. Bootstrap Farmer relies on hardworking growers' expert feedback to continue to improve our products and offerings.

    Of Note: The sun degrades all plastic. This warranty does not apply to trays left bare in the sun for extended periods. This warranty applies to and is warranted for cracks and degradation due to an inadequacy in manufacturing. 

    Color fading under light is normal and not covered under warranty. Some colors will fade more quickly than others. While all plastics are sensitive to natural sunlight degradation, all of our trays are made with a UV-resistant additive to help reduce and slow this effect. 

    How to Order Replacement Trays?

    Our trays are made to hold up to commercial use. If they chip, crack or degrade in the first two years, we will send you a replacement. We want our customers to know they can rely on the quality of our products and that we want you to use the best. Email us at contact@bootstrapfarmer.com, and our friendly customer support team will ensure you get a new sturdy tray replacement. This warranty is complimentary for the first two years after your purchase.  

    Questions. Comments. Email contact@bootstrapfarmer.com

    We look forward to giving you more reasons to feel good about shopping with us.