Warranty Details

2 Year Warranty Info

Warranty is valid on heavy duty 1020 trays and microgreen 1020 trays.  Also included are the greenhouse connectors, couplings, winches, wiggle wire & channel purchased from BootstrapFarmer.com.  Warranty does not cover insert trays & pots.

The sun degrades all plastic.  This warranty does not apply to trays that are left out bare in the sun for extended periods of time.  This warranty applies to and is warranted for cracks and degradation due to an inadequacy in manufacturing, or in the case of the greenhouse parts - degradation due to poor manufacturing or materials. Color fading under light is normal and not covered under warranty. Some colors will fade more quickly than others. 

Warranty valid only when purchased through BootstrapFarmer.com or our Amazon storefront. 



Plastics & Shipping Note:

As a company, Bootstrap Farmer takes the use of plastics and our ecological footprint very seriously. The reason for our flagship product that started this whole venture, our heavy duty 1020 tray, came from our founder's frustration of constantly braking and having to throw away flimsy trays.


As farmers, we all take ecology seriously as we all have traits to do right by Mother Earth. We all live here. We all take care of our families through the Earth's giving nature. We all have financial and ethical interests to take care of our land.


When it comes to packaging we walk a thin line. Protecting our products during transit when our products leave the care of our in-house warehouse in Paris, Tx to your farm means your package and our products are unfortunately sometimes careless with our mutual interests. We wish we could deliver each package ourselves to ensure your farm's needs are in the best of hands, but we all know that is not an option.


We also have to realize that everything has a season. When plastic being shipped in colder weather that isn't ideal, seasonal workers hired by the thousands by package delivery companies, and a larger volume of packages being moved to increase the odds that all boxes become a sea of insignificant items to someone with no skin in the game.


We sell the best trays on the market. Period. When they are used in a farm setting Bootstrap Farmer Trays will serve you beyond any other tray. However, when packages are dropped, mishandled, and travels hundreds or thousands of miles accidents happen. If a SUV gets into an accident, the point of impact will damage even the strongest of vehicles. When a box is dropped haphazardly any product is likely to have damage. We stand behind our products, even when an outside influence causes the damage.


We also want to talk about packaging. Reducing the amount of landfill filler is what Bootstrap Farmer was founded on. At the same time, we want to give your order the best odds of reaching your doorstep in perfect shape. We are testing some bubble wrap on some orders in order to protect packages during these busy and cold months. Know we do not like adding more plastic into the world, so we found a company claiming to have compostable bubble wrap that we will be trialing. Some orders will have it, some won't.


At the end of the day, we all must remain flexible while trying our best to provide goods and service in a responsible manner. As fellow business owners, we encourage you to find innovative ways to reuse boxes, compost paper packaging, and reuse any plastic wrap you may find in our shipments. We all must do our part. We will start by packing the best we can so we only have to ship once. You can help by doing what you do. Farming, providing safe food, and running great local businesses.

Thank you for being our partner in this endeavor. Together we can all make the most of trying situations.

Your Bootstrap Farmer Family