Frost Blankets - Heavy Duty


Frost Blankets for Cold Weather Protection

Whether you’re a market grower or a home gardener, these useful frost blankets can help protect your crops from damaging frost. Unlike bedsheets, heavy-weight fabrics, and other covers- frost blankets are designed to protect plants without the risk of damage as they dry quickly and allow proper airflow. 


  • Extends the growing season for both fall and spring crops
  • Provides 5-10+ degrees of freeze protection depending on ambient humidity.
  • 40% light transmission
  • Frost blankets are designed to help hold in heat
  • Is porous and allows rain and overhead irrigation to pass-through
  • Minimizes plant burns
  • Help prevent erosion from soil and seed due to heavy rainfalls
  • Keeps insects and other unwanted variables off of the growing beds
  • Help overwinter ornamentals and other perennials
  • Made from a polypropylene felt material that will allow rain and a percentage of light to pass through.

Frost Blanket Weights

Bootstrap Farmer carries frost blankets in several weights. They are available in 1.5 oz, 2.1 oz., 2.5 oz, and 4.0 oz.

For extra protection before a frost, we recommend the 4.0 oz frost blanket. It can be used with a 2.5 oz blanket for layered protection. The additional weight of this blanket provides approximately 4-8+ more protection than the 2.5 oz blanket.

The frost blanket can last up to three years when properly taken care of and stored. Make sure the blanket is dry, and store it away from direct sunlight. 

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  • How long can this frost blanket last before it starts degrading from the elements of sun, wind and rain? I am looking for an approximate time-frame.

    The frost blanket will last a number of seasons if it is secured well during use and stored properly. It should be completely dry and kept folded out of direct sunlight when not in use

  • What is the difference in heat retaining capability between the 2.5oz & 4oz frost blanket?

    2.5 ounce is between 4° and 6° and 4 ounce is 6°-8°
    Of course that’s all going to be affected by soil saturation, wind, ambient air temperature, cloudy days etc.