1020 Humidity Dome

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Extra-Strength Humidity Domes

Our heavy-duty clear plastic Humidity Dome for 1020 Trays helps you regulate the temperature and moisture needed for germination of your seedlings.

When rooting clones or sprouting seeds, it's a good idea keep them in a safe place with warm and humid air. Our humidity domes allow the right amount of humidity and temperature levels in the seed trays to maximize germination.


  • Our Humidity Domes are truly heavy-duty. They are not flimsy or brittle like others
  • Humidity domes are designed to gently rest on the rim of the tray, it will not seal to the tray
  • Made from Extra Strength recycled plastic
  • Dome reaches 6" above top of seed tray (5½" interior space). Outer Dimension: 21¼" x 11" x 6"
  • Adjustable Humidity Vent
  • Easy-grip handle attached to cloning dome
  • Not intended for use in direct sunlight
  • Fits 1020 trays and plug trays including all those sold by Bootstrap Farmer
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  • What type of food safe plastic is the humidity dome made of? Thank you

    The humidity domes is made of out #3 PVC.  Same type that is used in drinking water pipes.

  • I was wondering exactly what food safe plastic the humidity dome is made out of. (Recycle number) thank you

    The humidity domes is made of out #3 PVC.  Same type that is used in drinking water pipes.

  • Will this lid fit on your extra strength propagation trays?

    Yes.  These humidity domes will fit all of our seed starting trays including our 1020 flat propagation trays.

  • Please help. This is urgent. I have these but can I use with a grow light? I’m worried it will melt them?

    You can use them with grow lights.  I wouldn't recommend putting them on the domes unless they are LED and you have some spacing to avoid direct contact.   You just need to be conscious of the heat your grow lights are giving off as incandescent lights can get very hot.   We generally don’t recommend any incandescent grow lights because of the amount heat thats produced and they have a much higher cost of operation.

  • Hello! Are the 1020 Humidity Domes BPA Free? Thank you : )

    Yes they are

  • What is the diameter of the vents?

    The diameter of the entire vent is 2 3/8".

  • Do either of these fit your 32-cell reusable plant starter trays with inserts? (the 2.5" cells + insert + a boostrap farmer 1020 tray)

    The humidity domes fit snuggly on the 1020 trays. When used with the cell trays and inserts, it will lightly rest on top.

  • How do these stack for storage? Do they nest?

    Yes the humidity domes will nest inside one another for storage. Be sure they are dry before stacking and store out of direct sunlight.

  • I’m interested in getting one set of trays for growing microgreens. Is there any way to get 1 dome lid, one 1020 Tray, one Shallow Extra Strength Seed Tray with Holes, and one 1020 extra strength no hole tray. Is there a way to get one set like this?

    Currently we only sell singles of the domes however we do have some 2 - pack bundles that come with most of the items you are asking for.  Once we get more shallow no hole trays in stock we should be making more of these bundles.