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  • Seed Trays
  • 72-Cell Seed Starting Kits

    A (2) Pack Seed Starter Kit Includes:

    • (2) 72 Cell Tray
    • (2) Clear Humidity Dome
    • (2) 1020 Extra Strength Trays (no holes)

    A (10) Pack Seed Starter Kit Includes:

    • (10) 72 Cell Tray
    • (10) Clear Humidity Dome
    • (10) 1020 Extra Strength Trays (no holes)

    Durable 72 Cell Seed Tray

    As fellow growers, we spent thousands of dollars filling up the local landfills by replacing our seed trays each growing cycle. We knew other growers faced the same dilemma, so we produced seedling trays that can last for many years without cracking, breaking or warping.

    The Bootstrap Farmer product line includes long-lasting seed tray kits for seed starting, propagation, and hydroponic growing. All of our products are made with the environmentally conscious and profit-driven grower in mind. 

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    • Will not warp, crack or break even during transportation filled with material
    • Made from extra-strength recycled food-safe plastic
    • Humidity Dome is 6" height, 5.5" interior space
    • Dome has two adjustable vents for controlling airflow
    • Flat 1020 Propagation Tray Outer Dimensions: 21.25” x 11.25” x 2.5"
    • 72 Cell tray: 1.5” square by 2” deep.  Outer Dimensions: 21.25” x 11.25” 

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    Ask a Question
    • I purchased one of these kits over the winter and am getting ready to try growing annuals from seeds for the first time. While researching, I've seen some systems use a flat sponge-like sheet for holding water. Is this necessary? Also, what is the recommended level to fill the water? Thanks!

      Rockwool cubes?  You can certainly use those.  They work very well, especially for beginners.  Alternatively, you can use you a soil or potting mix to start your seeds.   Best to put a 1/2" of water on the bottom and use the dome to retain the humidity.   Without the dome, you can also fill the bottom tray with water just so it touches the bottom cells, wicking up the water.  In order to avoid over saturation, a little air blowing in the room is using good propagation practice.   If you want to avoid using the dome at any point and also want to avoid lots of water, just be sure to mist your seedlings a few times a day.  Hope this helps!

    • Can I use a heat pad under this? I'm starting seeds in a fully-enclosed, but unheated utility room. Typically I only see heat pads underneath trays that don't utilize a water bed underneath - so I don't want to heat just the water and encourage mold growth around the roots. Maybe I should just use a grow light instead? (asked on Amazon, too - sorry to duplicate!)

      Yes you can absolutely use a heat pad under these trays even with a water bed.  We do this exact same thing when we grow our seedlings with great success. 

    • This will be my second year using your 72 seed tray. Love them. I've been searching for a bus bucket to put the potting soil for filling the trays that is big enough to accommodate the 21 inch length. Any ideas where to find what I'm looking for?

      Concrete mixing tube is really good for soil mixing and it fits a 1020 tray . It has smooth bottom with no ridges so you don’t scrap your hands while mixing. I place mine on the table with soil mix and place the tray inside to fill. Shallow, light and cheep!!