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  • The Best Mother's Day Gifts For Gardeners

    April 25, 2024 3 min read 0 Comments

    2.5" seed starting pots

    Is the favorite mom in your life a gardener?

    Or maybe you have a mom who loves flowers and is an aspiring flower farmer. Here at Bootstrap Farmer, we have you covered with the best mother's day gift guide for the mom who loves to grow. 

    Top 5 Mother's Day Gifts

    From seed starter sets to space-saving grow bags, here are our top 5 gift ideas for the best mother's day gifts this year.

    1. 72 Cell Air Pruning Trays

    If your mom is starting her own seeds this year, she'll love our air pruning 72 cell trays. The cheerful colors of our air pruning trays make it easy to keep track of different varieties and the airstrips in each cell prune the roots to prevent root circling for healthier plants! 

      4 cell plug trays in pink and orange filled with dirt resting in a 1010 tray

       2. 4 Cell Plug Trays

      These colorful 4-cell plug trays are perfect for up-potting young plants like tomatoes and peppers. They feature air prune technology to encourage healthy root development. Made from durable, BPA-free polypropylene and available in a variety of vibrant colors, they combine practicality with a splash of style, perfect for any gardening enthusiast. 

      3. Grow Bags

      A mother's day gift for the mom who loves to garden but has limited space our grow bag collection offers a range of sizes to make the most out of patios and porches.

      They can even go along for the ride in an RV so mom can have fresh herbs growing wherever the road takes her. The 7 gallon bags are an all around great size for most plants and come in a variety of colors to accent anything she wants to plant.

      1010 seed starting kits in pink, orange, blue, purple, green wrapped as gifts in a collage picture with Mother's Day brunch imagery

      4. Colorful 1010 Seed Starting Kits

      Surprise your favorite mom with a personalized Seed Starter Kit in her favorite color, perfect for any gardening enthusiast. This thoughtful kit includes (24) 6-cell Plug Inserts and (4) 1010 2.5" trays without holes, available in blue, pink, purple, orange, or green. It's an ideal gift for Mother's Day, birthdays, or just because, offering everything she needs to start her seeds and a splash of color to make her day brighter.

       Soil Blocking Starter Kit

        Soil blocking is a fun method of propagating seedlings that involves filling a metal blocking tool with soil and squeezing to form a compressed cube. Seeds are planted directly into the formed block. Soil blocks come in various sizes and are advantageous for air pruning roots. Get mom all of the supplies to start soil blocking today!

        Want to give her the best Mother's Day gift ever?

        If your mom really loves to grow we have greenhouse kits to really get her growing. Our all-metal greenhouse kits are made right here in the USA. From a large scale hoop house for the homesteading mom who is growing food year round to little propagation houses for flowers and plants starts, we have a hoop house to fit any sized yard.

        Usa Made Gothic Greenhouse Kit planted with greens vegetables in raised beds with mulched pathways


        The USA-Made Gothic Greenhouse

        Our gothic style greenhouse comes in three widths but we love the idea of putting up one of these adorable 11' wide pointed roof structures right in her backyard. She can happily putter the day away planting flowers, forcing bulbs and growing food to share with the neighbors. The 13 foot tall roof peak allows plenty of vertical space for trellising vines and hanging baskets while the narrow profile fits in places you didn't think a hoop house could go.

        The best mother's day gifts are the ones that show you care.

        Whether it is little pots to start a few herbs, flowers that you grew yourself, or a fancy new greenhouse, a gift for growing shows mom that you know her. Gardeners and farmers alike appreciate the quality and longevity of Bootstrap Farmers products. If she loves her garden she'll love a gift from you that shows you noticed.

        Can't decide what she'll love best? Forgot to shop and don't have time to get it delivered? We have gift cards, available from $10 to $100, that are immediately available via email.