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  • 1020 Microgreen Trays - Shallow Extra Strength

    USA Made Shallow Trays for Microgreens

    Our best microgreen trays ever have been designed with serious microgreen growers in mind. Newly redesigned with an easy lift indent, bottom-watering has never been easier! Are you tired of replacing cheap, flimsy microgreen trays? Make the switch to our food-grade, BPA-free plastic, heavy-duty trays for growing microgreens. Use our planting trays to keep your growing microgreens safe.

    Unlike flimsy planting trays from the big box store, our trays will not bend or break dumping your beautiful plants on the grow room floor. Growing microgreens at home or on the farm has never been easier than with our durable trays with drainage holes. We are so confident in the durability of our microgreen trays that if they break within two years (under normal use) we will replace them for free. 


    • Backed by a 2 Year Warranty to be free of cracks.
    • Extra thick, BPA Free, Food Safe #5 PP Plastic
    • Made in the USA
    • The shallow planting tray is 1 1/4" high, making it easy to cut microgreens at the bottom of the stem to maximize harvest
    • Please note that we recommend using trays of the same depth when nesting trays.
    • Trays feature holes for maximum water drainage
    • Outer dimensions are 21" x 10¾" x 1 1/4" to fit any standard 1020 flat
    • Inner bottom dimensions: 19¾" x 9½"
    • Thickness: 1.8-2.0 mm

    People Ask us About Microgreen Trays All the Time

    Our fabulous customer service team fields a lot of calls from people just starting out with growing microgreens at home as well as experienced microgreen growers looking to fine-tune their operations. Here are a few of the most common questions to help you decide which trays are suitable for your growing operation. If you find you need more help, check out our microgreen growing blogs.

    What kind of tray do you use for microgreens? 

    Shallow 1020 trays are the best microgreen planting trays. The shallow plastic microgreen tray height is 1 1/4". This allows you to quickly and easily cut your microgreens as close to the roots as possible, which minimizes labor and maximizes your harvestable weight. If you want to brighten up your growing space, check out our popular planting trays that come in various colors - 1020 shallow trays in colors. Same sturdy, made-in-the-USA trays, only the colors are different.

    Do microgreen trays need holes?

    Yes, to grow microgreens. Ideally, you will need a tray with holes as well as a bottom tray. This can be one of our shallow microgreen trays with no holes or a flood tray like those used in our Automated Grow Rack system for hydroponic growing. Excess water in your microgreen trays can lead to mold. Growing trays with holes help drain extra water into the bottom tray. Bootstrap Farmer heavy-duty microgreen trays have 36 drainage holes to remove excess water while being small enough to hold in growing media. Helping you prevent mold issues before they start. 

    How do you use a microgreens growing tray?

    Microgreen trays are planting trays used to grow essentially “baby plants”. The planting tray is used by adding a growing media, densely seeding the tray, and setting it under lights to grow. Many will water from above with a misting spray bottle; some prefer to use another 1020 shallow tray without drainage holes beneath the shallow tray with drainage holes to water from below. Interested in learning more about the microgreen growing process? Check out our blog article to Learn How to Grow Microgreens 101.

    What is the size of microgreen trays?

    These microgreen planting trays are called the 1020 because they are roughly 10 inches by 20 inches. (See exact measurements below) We also carry shallow 1010 trays and 5x5 trays for growing microgreens. 

    Can you reuse microgreen trays?

    All of our heavy-duty planting trays are designed to be reused over and over again. They can be hosed off,  washed in hot water, sterilized, and even run through the dishwasher (Make sure to turn off the heated dry cycle). Check out this article on How to Wash and Care for Trays for best practices in keeping your trays clean for optimum disease prevention. Flimsy planting trays from other manufacturers will often bend and crack during the washing process as they are not designed to hold their own weight while full of water. 

    Can you reuse growing media for microgreens?

    Most growing media cannot be reused immediately for growing microgreens. This allows for too much potential for mold growth. If you are wondering what else you can do with the leftover growing media once you are done harvesting, check out this article on Reusing Spent Trays of Microgreens.

    Can I grow microgreens at home?

    Definitely, anyone can grow microgreens at home. Whether you live in a tiny apartment or have a whole room you can dedicate to growing; there is a microgreen setup that will work for you. One or two of our planting trays can fit onto a countertop or wide window sill in small spaces. Under counter LED lights can be used to maximize growth in dark spaces. 

    If you have a place to put in a small 2 feet by 4 feet shelving rack, you can easily grow up to 20 trays of microgreens at a time. Putting lights, like our popular LED Strip Grow Lights, on your shelves or under your counters will maximize your growing potential even if you don’t get a lot of sun in your growing space.


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    Ask a Question
    • do you ship to canada prices

      We do! Just send us an email with what you'd like to order & your address to contact@bootstrapfarmer.com
      Just note there will be relatively high shipping costs until we get more inventory there locally - which should be happening in a few months. 

    • Greetings, Are the the shallow microgreen trays available without holes? Thanks

      Thats something we are currently working on.  We are currently tooling the mold for the microgreen tray with no holes.  We expect to have all our testing, adjustments and production done early Feburary 2018.

    • is this bpa free?

      Yes our microgreens trays and all our trays are BPA free.  Our microgreen trays are made out of polypropylene plastic.

    • Hi, we are wondering if these trays are considered food grade? Also, what is the recycling rating on them as well. This is about the durable micro green trays, Thank you.

      Yes these microgreens trays are food grade.  They are made out of PP #5 polypropylene plastic.

    • Is there a temperature threshold where the trays will resist warping up until? I'm looking into purchasing a commercial washer and the water temperature ranges from 120 to 140 degrees F.

      The trays will be pliable around 150 degrees F. and melt around 266 degrees F.

    • Do you have option for 50 pak of tray

      We don't sell in 50 packs. Our largest pack size is 30.

    • Would the 1020 humidity dome fit on top of this?

      Yes, the humidity will fit on the 1020 Microgreen trays. It is meant to fit on any of our 1020 trays.

    • How many trays does a pack have?

      A pack has 2, 5, 10 or 30 trays in it.

    • When will these be in stock again?

      We expect these to be back in stock by the end of March!

    • Would the 2 of the 1010 trays fit inside this 1020 tray? I have some 1010 trays with holes but need something under them for bottom watering.

      Yes the shallow 1010 trays fit inside the shallow 1020 trays for sucessful bottom watering.

    • I see this is a 1020 "shallow" tray, what is the height or the 3rd dimension? Thank you.

      The shallow trays are 1.25 inches tall.

    • Is it possible to place an order for these 10)black-no holes, or any other color for that matter? Would just like to be in line to get these when they become available.

      While we don't accept pre-orders we expect to receive more than enough at the end of this month to fulfill upcoming orders.  There is a spot to enter your e-mail address on the listing that will add you to our automatic notification list when the inventory is replenished if that helps :)

    • Will these trays also work for bottom watering for the 1" shallow mesh trays?

      Yes the shallow microgreen trays with no holes will work for bottom watering the shallow mesh tray.

    • If I have the regular 1020 trays... can I still put the shallow tray with holes into a regular tray without holes? Thank you.

      Yes you certainly can.  Just be aware that there will be gap between the two trays since the deep 1020 is 2.5" deep and the shallow microgreen tray is 1.25".  This shouldn't effect plant growth however if you are bottom watering you will need more water in the bottom tray in order for it to reach the bottom of the microgreen tray.  If you'd rather use less water you can either use two shallow trays or two deep trays where the gap would be considerably smaller (and therefore requiring a reduced amount of water).  It is really personal preference.

    • Are you selling outside US? I would like to buy trays with delivery destination in Europe- Greece.

      You may want to try Amazon as they are the only other authorized retailer of our goods (and we don't ship internationally at this time).

    • What is the weight of the microgreen tray with holes?

      It is approximately 0.70 lbs per tray

    • When I order trays do they come with the dome cover to block out the light?

      They don't come with a dome cover however most people flip over a black 1020 tray to place on top to act like a blackout dome :)

    • What is the thickness of the material?

      The microgreen trays are 2mm thickness on he bottom and 1.8mm on the sides.

    • Sorry I’m new, but is each tray 2 pieces? The bottom tray and then the top tray with holes for planting? Or do you need to order separately?

      You'll need to purchase each tray as a separate pack.