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    Covering the Basics in All Things Microgreens

    Microgreens are rapidly emerging as an added-value ingredient in kitchens and restaurants. Chefs love to use them to enhance the flavor and appearance of their plates. Microgreen's short turnaround from seeding to harvest allows for a great opportunity to learn systems quickly. Next, setting up a microgreens operation requires a smaller initial investment. Microgreens setups can be operated year-round, no matter where you live. Finally, microgreens have one of the quickest returns on investment in comparison to other market crops.

    Keeping it simple, check out our Ultimate Microgreen Growing Resource for everything you need to get you up and running with a microgreen project! We will go further into depth on these topics throughout the articles. 

    1. What are the best microgreens to grow? What are the most popular microgreen crops, and which ones are the easiest to grow.
    2. Selecting the best media – Soil vs Soilless vs Hydroponic 
    3. Seeing the Light – Blacking out, exposing to light, best sources of light.
    4. Water: pH balancing, pre-soaking, when to water and how much.
    5. How to best store microgreen seeds and where to buy them.
    6. What you need to get started.
    7. Harvesting, Handling and Storing.
    8. Can I start a microgreens based business?

    Follow this link to all of our most updated information on microgreens.