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Grow Bags 100 Gallon

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These raised bed grow bags from Bootstrap Farmer are the perfect fit for your hobby or commercial growing needs.

At Bootstrap Farmer, we produce our own grow bags at a more effective price point compared to others on the market. If you're someone who's looking for a large 100 gallon grow bag that's cost-effective, we have just the right one for you.

100 Gallon Grow Bags Built to Last

Our 100 gallon grow bags should last you 3 years under normal environmental conditions. Our large grow bag has reinforced handles that make it easy to transport. This grow bag also prevents heat build-up, allows excess water to drain away, and aerates soil.


  • 100 gallon durable grow bag
  • 4.16' diameter, and 12” deep
  • Makes a perfect raised bed for your garden
  • Provides ideal drainage and aeration
  • Encourages root pruning to stimulate growth
  • Great for air pruning to produce a better plant than a root-bound plant
  • Reusable for many seasons
  • Made of food safe recycled plastic and felt
  • Washable and foldable for storage
  • Free Shipping to Contiguous US (48 States) over $49
  • Hassle-Free Returns 

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  • If you buy more than 20 are there fixing on them?

    Yes you can buy more than 20 grow bags.  Just submit a request on our contact form with the details and we can give you custom order pricing: https://www.bootstrapfarmer.com/pages/contact-us

  • How do these bags hold up against gophers? Will they chew through the bottom?

    Good question which im afraid I don't have a definitive answer.  It takes a lot of effort to rip the fabric.  I imagine a gopher would need to put some effort into it but it could get through.  

    These are made out of a leach free food safe polypropylene fabric woven plastic.  A gopher could probably chew through but it would not enjoy doing so. We have never heard of anyone mention that they had a gopher chew through yet.  If this was something you were really concerned about you could line the bottom with hardware cloth which is a steel mesh available at any hardware store.

  • What is best to fill with for strawberry plants and tomato plants

    Tomatoes can be done with anywhere from 3-7 gallon bags.  Strawberries I would recommend either a 5-7 gallon, or the lower profile 100 gallon.

  • How much soil or compost does the bag require?

    It will take a little over 13 cubic feet to fill the 100 gallon grow bag up.