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    Introducing the commercial tray washer from Bootstrap Farmer - the solution farmers have been seeking for growing at scale. Crafted with precision in the USA, this rock-solid and uncomplicated unit is designed for microgreens growers who harvest 100 trays or more per week. 

    Stop wasting time on tedious hand scrubbing and embrace convenience — without compromising on impeccable food safety, sanitization, and cleanliness.


    Bootstrap Farmer’s Texas-fabricated, stainless steel tray washer speeds up tray washing with four powerful high-pressure fan nozzles and a low-pressure sanitizing rinse. The tray washer requires a pressure washer (purchased separately) to function. See pressure washer recommendations below. 

    Trays are manually pushed upside down along a rail system that holds them in place during the wash cycle. Water is contained via brushes that help keep the overspray to a minimum. Self-draining feed ramps help divert excess water back inside the unit to drain to waste. Upon exit, the trays fall onto a collection ramp that channels excess water back into the unit to drain. After use, unit cleaning is quick by removing the secured lid and rinsing it out. 


    • The unit is fabricated in Texas out of stainless steel and is powered by a pressure washer (purchased separately). 
    • All-steel, compact, solid-unit with brushes to contain overspray. 
    • Four high-pressure nozzles and a low-pressure rinse. Pressure washer and hoses not included.
    • Pdf instruction manual
    • Dimensions:  (Main Body)  13.5” wide,  21.5” tall, 20” long (Overall operating length)  44”, with input tray (4”) and outfeed tray (20”). Input tray overall opening 11 3x8" x 2 13/16". Rail opening size of 11 1/4" x 3/4".
    • In testing, we consistently and thoroughly washed 100 filthy trays in under 15 minutes without hand scrubbing!
    • Spend less time washing trays and more time growing.
    • Designed to clean Extra Stength 1020 Bootstrap Farmer trays (shallow or deep). 
    • Please note that our washer is solely designed for the industry's strongest trays. We cannot guarantee against damage to non-Bootstrap Farmer trays.
    • 2-year warranty to be free from manufacture defects.

    You will need to supply a pressure washer with a minimum of 10,500  Cleaning Units (CU). To compute CU, multiply the PSI x GPM ratings of the pressure washer unit. See our recommendations below.

    Recommended pressure washers to operate the tray washer:

    Landa PE4-30024A Industrial Cold Water Pressure Washer - 3.5 GPM, 3000 PSI (10,500 Cleaning Units)

    Landa HD 3.5/35 Industrial Cold Water Pressure Washer - 3.5 GPM, 3500 PSI (12,250 Cleaning Units)

    • If washing indoors, we recommend waterproofing walls, draining into a floor drain or sink, and using an electric pressure washer like the ones listed above.

    Sanitizer Dilution chart


    Standard Dilution Mix

    Dilution to run in Tray washer


    1oz to 5 gallons

    1oz in 2.5 gallons or 2 oz in 5 gallons

    Oasis 146

    0.26-0.68 oz per 1 gallon

    .5 oz per gallon


    1-2 tabs per gallon

    4 tabs- 1Gal water

    Stera Sheen

    1oz per gallon

    2 oz per gallon

    Sanidate 12

    1.25oz per gallon

    Double your recommended strength.

    Noble Sani-512

    1oz to 4 Gallons

    1oz per 2 gallons or 2oz per 4 gallons

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