Sidewall Insect Netting


Prevent Pests in Hoop Houses

Mesh insect netting controls pests in two ways. First, the patented technology of this netting reduces greenhouse pests and other insects. There is a significant reduction in the number of pests able to enter while still allowing water and airflow. Save on fertilizer costs, lost revenue, and cut down on disease damage caused by insects. Ready for installation in hoop houses or for use on row crops and trees.

Prevent Thrips from Penetrating the Netting

This netting contains patented technology developed by a manufacturing process that adds various additives to the net to block and reflect UV radiation. The additives in this netting reflect and blind the insects before they can reach the netting. In addition, the mesh provides a barrier for any pests that make it past the UV barrier. 

Maintains Plant Health

The highly reflective qualities of this netting have shown to be effective for temperature control. The direct radiation is reflected off of the mesh. In addition, the larger holes allow for optimal airflow while protecting from pests. As a result, plants stay healthier and at a lower risk of leaf diseases caused by insects.

Installing Insect Netting in a Hoop House

This netting is ideal for the exclusion of pests in a hoop house. Easily attaches with spring and lock channel—ideal for sidewall roll-up kits. See the chart below to determine how many springs you will need for attachment.





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  • What are the length and width of your SIDEWALL INSECT NETTING? Thanks.

    This insect netting is 6.5' wide x 105' long.