1020 Seed Starting Trays - Colored

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Bring vibrancy to your market or garden with our 1020 trays which are made from Extra Strength, Food Safe, BPA Free Polypropylene plastic.

These are the 1020 trays you wish you had started using a long time ago. If farming is anything but fragile, why should your seed trays be? This was a question we asked ourselves.

After years of farmers breaking seed trays, wasting more money than any of us would like to admit, we decided to solve this problem once and for all. 

The result? A 1020 tray unlike any other. Then we thought to ourselves - how can we make these trays EVEN better? Add color!

Now you can finally grow in style.

Vibrant and Durable 1020 Trays

These trays are especially great for market farmers showcasing your products!  You'll be sure to have your veggies spotted. And don't forget to snap a photo! They'll do great on social media!

We weren't just thinking of the market growers though. Our extra strength 1020 trays are for everyone. Whether you just want to brighten your gardening routine with your favorite colors, or you're looking for the perfect gift for gardeners in your life, these trays will never fail you.

Who knows – this may even have the little ones eager to get involved!  

Key Features

  • Extra Thick Plastic made from BPA free & food-safe PP #5 plastic
  • Built for many years of use saving you time and money from buying replacements
  • Great for farmers market, photos, gifts or just for fun
  • Outer dimensions: 21.25” x 11.25” x 2.5” Deep
  • Inner bottom dimensions: 19.625" x 9.25" 
  • Our Multi-Color Pack includes Blue, Green and Pink
  • Free shipping on orders over $49 to Lower 48 States
  • Hassle Free Returns - We'll replace any seed tray that breaks or degrades up to 2 years from purchase


Ideal tray to show off your microgreens, wheatgrass, fodder or other crops at market.  Can be use for any soil or soil-less application.  An ideal tray for any kind of hydroponic or aquaponic use.


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  • are these with no holes.

    These 1020 trays are have No holes.

  • Are these dishwasher safe? I've purchased 20 of them and would love to know.

    Yes these 1020 trays are top rack dishwasher safe.

  • Are these colored trays the same, structurally, as the 1020 Trays - Extra Strength that come in white and black?

    Yes they are.  The only difference between the colored trays (including white) and the black ones are that the colored ones are made from virgin plastic in order to produce a consistent particular color.

  • Are the blue color trays a medium blue as I see in the pics? Or is it different... baby blue, or aqua, or navy, or teal, or... ?

    The blue 1020 trays are medium blue as in the pictures (almost like a cobalt blue)

  • I am new to gardening.Are people buying the tray with the holes for drainage and putting that one in a tray with out the holes to catch the water?

    Yes that is a popular way that people use our 1020 trays.  They will use the 2.5" deep mesh tray with a 1020 tray.  Or they may use our microgreen tray with holes and our microgreen tray without holes.