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  • Seed Starter Kit - 128 Cell, 1020 Trays, Humidity Domes

    Extra Strength 128 Cell Seedling Tray Kit

    Bootstrap Farmer's Seed Starter Kit is made from food safe, BPA free polypropylene plastic.  Getting your seedlings off to a successful start begins with the right equipment.  Our seed starting components are built with professional grade quality.

    A (1) Pack Kit Includes:


    • Seed trays are made from durable PP #5 food safe plastic
    • Our heavy duty seed trays are guaranteed to not warp or break even when filled with wet material
    • Cell tray reach bottom of 1020 tray to make for ideal bottom watering
    • Humidity dome has built in vents to allow you to control airflow


    128 Cell Plug Tray: 21¼" x 11¼" x 2¼" deep - Plug size 1" square by 2¼” deep
    1020 Flat Tray: 21¼" x 11¼" x 2½" deep
    Humidity Dome: 21¼" x 11¼" x 6" height with handle (5½ interior space)


    Our 128 Cell Seedling Tray Kits were designed to be a high quality cost-effective way to start your seedlings. These seed starter kits are the perfect growing solution for vegetables like lettuce, kale, herbs, flowers, onions, celery, leeks and more. Ideal great for germination of seedlings in soil, coco coir or other growing media. Hobby and professional growers will love this!


    Free Shipping on orders over $49 to the Contiguous US (48 States)

    Each plug widens at the top and slightly tapers to the bottom allowing for easy removal. The drainage holes from the 128 cell seed plug tray allow roots to continue growth through the lower part of the cell tray if desired.

    These 128 cell trays were recently redesigned to make bottom watering of your seedlings a breeze.  Each cell reaches the bottom of our 1020 flat to minimize the use of water.

      Free shipping on orders over $49 to Contiguous US

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      Ask a Question
      • How much soil and water should be used per cell for growing basil and oregano from seeds? And do you recommend opening or closing the air vents at top. These will be grown indoors on a windowsill. Many thanks.


        Any standard potting soil mix will work.  I personally use a mix of 1/3 composted soil, 1/3 vermiculite and 1/3 perlite.  Water so soil remains damp, but not wet.  I have a mister that I use 2x a day on my seedlings.  Oregano and basil - I don't use a cover, just cover the seeds with soil and keep the soil damp.

        Hope this helps!

      • I'm looking for a heavy duty propagation/seed starter kit in white maybe even only 10-12 square plugs. I use the rapid rooters but want a couple small trays and domes to do this with. I'm sick and tired of the flimsy trays most people carry and it's also harder to find these trays in white!! Also looking for quality plastic domes too? Please let me know if you have any options for me! Thanks take care Dave

        We currently don't sell any trays in white.  Our largest cell tray is 32 cells which are 2 inches square.  However we can start looking into both products.  For white trays would you just be looking for 1020 trays?  Also what size would be the cells you are looking for?  Regarding the humidity dome we do sell an extra strength dome.  However we will be sold out until about the 2nd week in May 2017.  The domes are only available via the Kits until we have more ready to go.