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1020 Trays - Extra Strength

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Durable 1020 Trays

Why waste your money on flimsy, brittle seed trays?  Keep more money in your pocket and out of the landfill.  Bootstrap Farmer trays are designed for repeated use and abuse.  

Yes our trays cost a bit more upfront.  However most of our customers say they pay for themselves in a short period of time as they will likely never need a replacement 1020 tray.  We have tested these propagation trays with over 50 lbs of weight without breaking.


Exclusively designed and sold by Bootstrap Farmer.

The Bootstrap Farmer product line includes long-lasting propagation trays for hobby or commercial growers. These propagation trays are heavy duty with extra strength, making them easier to carry and move around. Bootstrap Farmer seed trays, and propagation trays are designed to produce high-quality plants to fulfill your growing needs.

Propagation trays are perfect for fodder and fodder systems, microgreens, wheatgrass, and germination of seedlings in soil or hydroponics for hobby or commercial growers.


  • Will not warp or break
  • Fits any standard 1020 cell tray
  • Made from recycled food-safe plastic
  • No drainage holes
  • Outer dimensions: 21” x 10.75” x 2.5” Deep
  • Inner bottom dimensions: 19.625" x 9.25"
  • Free shipping on orders over $49 to Contiguous US (48 States)
  • Hassle-Free Returns (we will replace any degraded/broken tray up to 2 Years from purchase) See details. 


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Ask a Question
  • Are your 1020 trays bpa-free? What kind of plastic are they?

    It is made from BPA free Polypropylene (PP). This is the same type of plastic they use to make Plastic cups, baby bottles, Kitchenware, microwavable plastic containers and lids.  Thanks for asking!

  • Looking for rectangle tray 36''x30''x5'' flat smooth bottom needs to be strong handling 40-50 LBS

    Currently our largest size trade is the 1020.  We have been considering making a flood tray or ebb and flow tray but havent done so yet.  However I will say that i feel confident that our 1020 could handle this kind of weight.

  • What is the thickness in millimeters of the trays?

    It is 2mm thick.

  • How many trays in a pack?

    There  is  1 1020  tray  per pack.

  • Will the microgreen trays fit in the 10x20 trays? Wanting to seed in the microgreen trays with holes and use the 10x20 with no holes to bottom water the microgreens during vegatative state.

    The microgreen trays will fit on top of the 1020 trays.  You are able to bottom water using these.  You will need some extra water compared to our microgreen trays with no holes.