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    Additional Tools You Might Need To Build A Greenhouse

    Lowe's, Home Depot & Amazon Quick Buy Guide


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    Prices may have increased the prices listed below are as of July 2023.

    Pick a Cutting Tool

    You have two choices here.  If your #1 priority is saving money go with a hacksaw.  But please don't totally cheap out here.  We don't want to turn you into a swearing sailor  Here is a table of hacksaws we would recommend buying (notice they are all high tension).  


    Tekton Hacksaw

    Amazon Stanley High Tension 12 inch


    Lowe's Craftsman 12 inch Fine Cut


    Home Depot Stanley 12 in. High-Tension


    Spare Blades

    Amazon Lenox 12in Bi Metal 2 Pack


    Lowe's Lenox 12 inch 2 pack


    Home Depot Dewalt 12in Bi Metal 2 Pack



    Dewalt Hacksaw

    If you want to be more efficient with your time we highly recommend using a sawzall.  This is the more expensive option but you will save yourself a lot of time.  Its also just a great tool to have handy for many other projects.
    Amazon DEWALT 10-Amp Reciprocating $85-$100
    Lowe's DEWALT 10-Amp Reciprocating $120-$130
    Home Depot DEWALT 12-Amp Reciprocating $120-$130

    Spare Blades


    DEWALT 6 in. Bi-Metal (5 Pack)

    Lowe's DEWALT 6 in. Bi-Metal (5-Pack) $15-$20
    Home Depot Milwaukee 6 in. Bi-Metal (5-Pack) $15-$20

    Nut Drivers and/or Adjustable Wrenches

    Tekton Nut Driver Set

    For installing bolts as needed we recommend getting some nut drivers that attached to a drill.  However if you are on a tight budget an old fashion adjustable wrench or the appropriate size manual wrench will do.


    TEKTON Nut Driver (14 Piece Set)

    Lowe's Kobalt Nut Driver (4 Piece Set) $8-$12
    Home Depot Milwaukee Magnetic Nut Driver (5 Piece Set) $15-$20

    Drill Bits & Drill

    Tooluxe Drill Set

    Pick up some spare drill bits in order to pre-drill holes in the ground posts, bows and hand-crank.

    Amazon Tooluxe 13 Piece Set $8-$10
    Lowe's Black & Decker 10 Pack $5-$10
    Home Depot Dewalt 21 Piece Set $20-$30

    If buying a new drill, just make sure it's at least 18v, so there's enough drive to get the job done.


      Sledge Hammer

      Jackson Sledge Hammer

      For driving in ground posts. Be sure to use in conjunction with our ground post driver.

      Amazon Jackson 4lb Sledge Hammer $15-$20
      Lowe's Kobalt 4lb Sledge Hammer $20-$25
      Home Depot 4lb Sledge Hammer $15-$20


      Mason Line/Twine

      Twine      Line Level

      This is used to make sure all your ground posts are level to each other.

      Amazon Wellington Mason Line 260 ft $5-$10
      Lowe's Lehigh Mason Line 325 ft $5-$10
      Home Depot White Twisted Cotton Twine 420 ft $5-$10


      Amazon Johnson Line Level $5-$10
      Lowe's Swanson Line Level $5-$10
      Home Depot Empire Line Level Set (2 Pack) $5-$10


      Tape Measure

      Stanley 200 foot Tape Measure

      100 foot tape measure to be able to reach each corner.

      Amazon Stanley 200 ft Tape Measure $15-$35
      Lowe's Kobalt 100 ft Tape Measure $15-$35
      Home Depot Stanley 200 ft Tape Measure $15-$35


      Ready to start building your greenhouse?  Browse this collection of Greenhouse Kits which are an affordable way to put your tools to work.