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  • DIY Greenhouse Kit -12 ft Wide Hoop House

    See our entire selection of DIY greenhouse kits, which require the purchase of local wood and metal, or shop our inventory of USA-made All-Metal Greenhouse Kits for complete kits. This kit will stand approximately 8' on the center.

    Greenhouse Kit Includes:  

    • Spring lock wire and lock channel to keep your greenhouse plastic secure
    • Ground post driver to drive your ground posts safely into the ground
    • 1 3/8" x 1 3/8" Cross Connectors to attach Arches to Ridge Poles
    • Greenhouse Plastic 4 Year 6 mil.  Sized to cover the entire greenhouse, including end walls.  (it may take an additional week to arrive if freight shipment is required)
    • All required screws, nuts, bolts, and connectors for pole and frame components
    • Instructions for the build
    • Printable Buy Local Chart
    • FREE SHIPPING - Ready to ship in 2-3 business days
    • Assumes a Single Door on your High Tunnel
    • Not eligible for returns. 
    • Lumber and 1 3/8" Top Rail is not included.  We want to save you money. Buying this locally will save you thousands, which is why we don't include it. We want you to build a high-quality greenhouse at the most affordable price. See our "Purchase Locally" chart below for help ordering all the lumber and conduit.

    *Lumber choices may be limited by location. Redwood, cedar, or pressure-treated are the best choices for any structure that will be exposed to moisture.

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    Purchase Locally 10-12ft Wide Greenhouse Kit: 

    HD Part Lowes Part Description HD Price Lowes Price 20' Long 40' Long 60' Long 80' Long 100' Long
    1005653972 103268 10 ft 1-3/8" top rail for bows & ridgepoles $20.98 $21.98 14 26 38 50 62
    1004028096 552282 8 ft 1-5/8 in. line post for ground posts $23.98 $28.68 6 11 16 21 26
    914770 951 1" x 6" x 8' wood for base/hip board $12.98 $12.91 12 24 36 44 56
    441317 54349 2" x 4" x 8' stud for door $5.62 $4.79 16 16 16 16 16
    161897 7499 1" x 4" x 8" board for door $7.90 $6.10 2 2 2 2 2
    161756 95705 2" x 6" x 12' board for end-walls $6.00 $10.78 2 2 2 2 2
    Approx. Total Cost $734 $1,307 $1,869 $2,380 $2,942


    Ask a Question
    • How can i apply(pay) for 100' greenhouse

      You can just select from the drop down to the left of the add to cart button and select the 100' option.  Then just add to cart and checkout.  You can reach us directly at 1-252-495-6088 or byoust@bootstrapfarmer.com if you need any additional help or have any questions.

    • I live on top of a hill. No wind block. Will this house withstand Oklahoma wind? How much is current price of replacement Covering? How much for everything except 2x4's , Lumber?

      This can withstand high winds.  We live on the coast of North Carolina so are subject to high winds ourselves.  However very high wind areas we may recommend some extra anchoring using the following anchor kit: https://www.homedepot.com/p/ShelterLogic-30-in-Earth-Anchors-Set-4-Piece-10075/202719050 .  Its a realtively cheap anchor kit for added safety. 

    • Why would you need a hoop bender?

      Our DIY kit requires you to purchase the pipe locally (like Home Depot or Lowe's) and bend it into hoops. You can view our DIY kits here: https://www.bootstrapfarmer.com/collections/diy-hoop-house-kits

    • Do you have a 16’ wide kit?

      We don't currently offer a 16' wide DIY kit.

    • How tall is the center

      The center is approximately 8 feet.

    • Could I purchase more middle supports for my hoop house? Just to be extra safe one just doesn't look like enough.

      We have the purlin upgrade kit here: https://www.bootstrapfarmer.com/products/purlin-upgrade-set?_pos=1&_psq=purlin&_ss=e&_v=1.0

    • How much snow load will these 12’ wide houses handle?

      Because there are parts of a DIY build that we cannot control, the strength is variable. If you are dealing with snow loads and high winds I would recommend going with one of our All-Metal Kits. Or, you could consider adding a purlin kit and corner wind bracing to the DIY kit. 

    • Can I get a step by step instruction manual, using your materials, that I can study to be sure I am comfortable erecting this on my own? How many people are usually necessary to build this project? How long does it take?

      It can be put together for the most part by one person but there are a few steps, like putting on the plastic, that are far easier and faster with extra hands. As for the time frame, it depends on your ability level, the length of the house you will be building, and your comfort with the tools required. However it can be constructed in a few days by 2 people. Generally 24-48 hours of working time. 
      All of our manuals are available for download on this page. 


      We highly reccomend looking over the resources on this page and checking out our YouTube channel for videos of the build process. 

    • Can I make it 15 feet high from center

      Yes you can make the structure taller by using taller ground posts. If you choose to do this please contact us before you order as we will need to modify the kit to include a wider piece of UVA plastic.

    • I am looking for a greenhouse that comes with fans and a heater for winter . Suggestions helpful! Thank you!

      Here is a link to the greenhouse kits we offer: https://www.bootstrapfarmer.com/pages/greenhouse-kits

      We do not currently carry any fans or heaters but we do offer an inflation blower that is used with two layers of plastic, which can be found here: https://www.bootstrapfarmer.com/products/air-inflation-kit?_pos=1&_sid=a982954d7&_ss=r

    • 1x8x8s are now 15 dollars a piece. Can regular 2x4's be used in their place for hipboards and baseboards?

      Yes you can.  You'll just want to make sure longer screws are used.

    • My beds are terraced on an incline of about 20%, could this kit be built across multiple terrace levels without being structurally unsound?

      No, it cannot be built on a terraced area.

    • Could I use a 4x4 pressure wood posts for the base?

      We recommend untreated wood for pieces that come in contact with the ground because of possible leaching of chemicals. 4x4 is also a lot wider than what you need. We recommend 1" x 8" x 8' ledger board for base board.

    • I am looking to build the 12x20 kit for my first greenhouse, but I'm nervous about wind. What is the wind rating for the DIY kits?

      Our round all metal kits have a wind rating of 115mph. Our gothic and DIY kits are not wind certified.