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Aluminum White Shade Cloth- 50%

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Aluminum reflective shade cloth

This aluminum shade cloth is layered with several durable insulating fabrics and an outer layer of a highly reflective aluminized shade fabric. This aluminum outer layer helps battle weather damage caused by heat changes. The shade cloth deflects temperature fluctuations while strong enough to endure strong winds and rain. It prevents irradiation damage in plants and fruits and reduces heat in greenhouses during hot days. This reflective shade cloth provides superior year-round climatic protection for flowers, potted plants, and vegetables.

This white aluminum shade cloth is a unique knitted shade fabric made from metalized HDPE (high-density polyethylene). The fibers are produced from mono-oriented HDPE, giving the fiber durability and longevity. After an aluminum metallization process, the films are coated with a special anti-oxidation film.  

Key Features

  • Flexible, light, strong, and easy to spread
  • High Reflectability
  • High Tensile Strength
  • Improves light diffusion
  • Protects against frost
  • Recyclable and UV resistant
  • Shade percentage: 50-55%
  • UV resistance (years): 5
  • Direct light transmission: 45-50%
  • Diffused light transmission: 65%
  • Shade cloth is custom cut and cannot be returned

Want to learn more about shade cloth? Check out these helpful resources. Shop our full selection of shade cloth here.

What Size of Shade Cloth Should I buy?

You will want the cloth to cover from hip to hip (shiny side up) on your hoop house or cover loosely over the desired area that needs protection. Install clips to secure the shade cloth every 24-36". Shade cloth can also be installed using lock channel and spring wire. Check out this video tutorial on how to add shade cloth to a high tunnel greenhouse.

Here are some quick conversions -

(Match Length of Shade Cloth with Length of Structure)

 Hoop House Width Shade Cloth Width Recommendation
10' 20'
20' (20' for Gothic)
12' 20'
14' 20' (32' for Gothic)
20' 32' (42' for Gothic)
30' 42'
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Ask a Question
  • I am building a Greenhouse as a performance / gathering space, and I want to put together a combination of shade cloths to keep it cool in summer. What I am leaning toward is a pair of shade cloths with your black 50% on the bottom (facing the interior) and your silver 50% on top. If I am doing the math right, this should provide about 75% reduction in heat and UV radiation through the roof of the greenhouse which is what I want, and it should work like a space-blanket, drawing heat away and re-radiating it to some small degree. My plan is to install this below the plastic sheeting that forms the roof. Here are some questions: - does the above seem like a practical approach to the problem or do you have a better suggestion? - do you foresee any problems (beyond the inability to remove the shade in winter) with installing the shade under the plastic sheeting? - you cite custom cutting as the reason for not accepting returns, does this mean you could custom cut my shade-cloths to fit a 72' long space? - is there likely to be a problem with the top shade cloth snagging on the bottom shade cloth as it is pulled up an over the bottom shade cloth when I install it? - would you recommend trying to join the two cloths together along one edge and pulling them up together if snagging is a likely problem or will that be more trouble than it is worth? Thanks! Eric

    Please give us a call so we can over options with you. 888-406-1982

  • Can this be cut to length?

    Yes - this particular shade cloth can be cut to size. It will not unravel.

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