72-Cell Seed Starting Trays

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Extra-Strength 72 Cell Plug Trays

Our heavy duty seed trays are built to last many seasons saving you the time and money of replacing your trays each season. They are guaranteed to not warp or break in your growing environment.

The 72 Cell inserts were recently redesigned with longer cells for optimum bottom watering. Each cell reaches the bottom of the 1020 flat for minimal water requirements.

All of our seed starting trays are built with the same quality and durability.

Key Features:

  • Made from Food-Safe recycled plastic
  • Backed by1 Year Warranty to be free of breakage or warping
  • Each cell measures 1½” square by 2¼” deep
  • Outer Dimensions: 21¼” x 11¼” x 2¼” Deep
  • Drain holes on bottom of plug tray for optimal drainage
  • Every 72 cell seedling tray fits perfectly into a standard 1020 propagation tray
  • 72 Cells per Extra Strength Seed Tray
  • Free and Quick Shippingorders over $49to Contiguous US (48 States)
  • Hassle-Free Returns

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  • Hello - I would like to know exactly what kind of plastic these trays are made from? Are they polystyrene? Thank you.

    Our 72 Cell trays are made from polystyrene.  Our 1020 flats are made from polypropylene.

  • How many cubic inches of dry material will each cell hold?

    A little less than 3 cubic inches. The cells are 1 1/2 inches square at the top and 2 inches deep, they taper to 1 inch square at the bottom.

  • Does a/the depicted tool come with the starter trays ?? Also are there any other implements used for plant removal from each cell ?? Lastly, are there any starter trays for your 1010 no-holes trays? [Since I have at least 10 of your no-holes 1010 trays I just wanted to know if there may be a starter insert available for them or if the 1020 mesh may become available in 1010 for varied small scale micro greens growing.] Thanks.

    Here is what you can use for inserts on the 1010's: https://www.bootstrapfarmer.com/products/seed-trays-inserts-6-cell?_pos=1&_sid=6aaffcfe4&_ss=r    We also have 5x5's for small scale microgreens: https://www.bootstrapfarmer.com/products/5x5-grow-trays?_pos=1&_sid=ffb4992db&_ss=r    Regarding plant removal, we are working on plug poppers that will be out at the end of the year, but popsicle sticks, pencils or even just a gentle tug on the seedling will all work.

  • Is there an easier way to extract the plugs?

    You can use a tool called a widger dibber or a small stick/popsicle stick if you are having trouble pinching them out.  I find that extracting when the plugs are damp really helps too!

  • On the 72 seed starting trays how many are in a pack? I’m needing 410.

    You will want multiple 60 packs: https://www.bootstrapfarmer.com/collections/plug-trays

  • How many trays come in a pack?

    There is 1 tray per pack so a 5 pack is 5 trays.