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A Hoop House Built to Last

Introducing our Complete All-Metal Greenhouse Kits

Designed to Weather the Extremes of the Seasons

NRCS Friendly

Made in the U.S.A.

Free Shipping to Lower 48

Made from heavy duty,
LEED Certified, USA steel with Flo-Coat®, a clear organic seal.
All-steel frame includes end walls with multiple door options.
Overlapping joints and integrated wind bracing for superior strength and ease of installation.
Finish any size within a weekend.
Compare DIY vs. All-Metal vs. Caterpillar
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What's Included:
(Base Kit)
What's Not Included:
  • Guesswork
  • Vague Instructions

First time building a hoop house?

Read our in-depth resource guide!
A Prequel to Building a Greenhouse
Adaptable to ALL Climates
Add options like roll-up side walls for ventilation or double layer poly with a blower for insulation.

Tools Needed

Printable Construction Guide
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1. Choose a Base Kit
Choose 14' or 20' wide. Then select your length.

Greenhouse Width (ft) | Approximate Height (ft)
14 | 9.4
20 | 11.4
*Lengths can be customized if needed (please send email to: with your requirements and shipping zip code)
**Kits are not Returnable. In the case of damage please email us at for replacement parts.
2. Add Options
Door Upgrades
Sidewall Ventilation
Passive ventilation using easy roll-up sidewalls includes 2 Winches, EMT conduit & couplings, Snap Clamps, Spring Wire & Lock Channel for hip-board attachment.

Choose size matching greenhouse length. Parts cover both sides.
Insect Netting
We recommend using insect netting as a bug screen for the open sidewall. Don't worry, the plastic, insect netting and 2 layers of wire will fit into the same lock channel.
Double Layer Greenhouse Plastic
Kit comes with the 1st layer that also covers endwalls.
A double layer provides additional insulation during the colder weather.

Size Chart

GH Width GH Length Plastic Width/Length
6 20,40,60,80,100 16: 30, 50, 70, 90, 110
10 20,40,60,80,100 28: 40, 60, 80, 100, 120
12 20,40,60,80,100 28: 40, 60, 80, 100, 120
14 20,40,60,80,100 32: 40, 60, 80, 100, 120
20 20,40,60,80,100 40: 50, 70, 90, 110, 130
30 30,40,60,80,100 48: 70,80,100,120,140

Air Inflation Kit for Double Layer Plastic
And don't worry, 2 layers of plastic AND 2 layers of wire will fit into a single lock channel.
Landcape Fabric

Shade Cloth

Don't forget...

Plastic Repair Tape for any incidentals
We'll send you a confirmation & expected delivery date shortly after your order.
Kindly note all kits will be delivered via freight.

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Engineering Stamp for All-Metal Hoop House
(for reference; applies to our hoop house located in TX only)