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A Hoop House Built to Last

Introducing our Pre-bent
Heavy Duty Hoop House Kits

Weather the Extremes of the Seasons
with Peace of Mind

Made in the U.S.A.
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Made from heavy duty,LEED Certified, USA steel with Flo-Coat®, a clear organic seal.
All-steel frame includes end walls with multiple door options.
Overlapping joints and integrated wind bracing for superior strength and ease of installation.
Finish any size within a weekend.
Compare DIY vs. All-Metal vs. Caterpillar
Order Below in 3 Easy Steps
1. Choose Size
2. Add Options
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What's Included:
(Base Kit Package)
What's Not Included:
  • Guesswork
  • Vague Instructions
Adaptable to ALL Climates
Add options like roll-up side walls for ventilation or double layer poly with a blower for insulation.

Tools Needed

Hoop House vs. Caterpillar Tunnel Cost Comparison

Printable Construction Guide
Start Ordering Here:

1. Choose a Base Kit Package
Choose 14' or 20' wide. Then select your length.

Greenhouse Width (ft) | Approximate Height (ft)
14 | 9.4
20 | 11.4
2. Add Options
Door Upgrades
Sidewall Ventilation
Control the ventilation with roll-up sidewalls using hand cranks
Includes 2 Winches, EMT conduit & couplings, Snap Clamps, Spring Wire & Lock Channel for hip-board attachment.

Choose size matching greenhouse length. Parts cover both sides.
Insect Netting
We recommend using insect netting as a bug screen for the open sidewall. Don't worry, the plastic, insect netting and 2 layers of wire will fit into the same lock channel.
Double Layer Greenhouse Plastic
Kit comes with the 1st layer that also covers endwalls.
A double layer provides additional insulation during the colder weather.
Air Inflation Kit for Double Layer Plastic
And don't worry, 2 layers of plastic AND 2 layers of wire will fit into a single lock channel.
Landcape Fabric
Heavy duty 5 oz fabric will last years to come.
We'll send you a confirmation & expected delivery date shortly after your order.
Kindly note all kits will be delivered via freight.

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Engineering Stamp for All-Metal Hoop House
(for reference; applies to our hoop house located in TX only)