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    Cheap plastic got you down? Our high-quality and durable greenhouse plastic is 6 mil thick for extra strength and comes with a four-year warranty. It’s easy to install without tearing and withstands the toughest weather.

    Bootstrap Farmer sells the best greenhouse plastic products on the market. We use a 5-layer film technology for added strength and longevity, and the UVA protection comes with a 4-year rating and warranty against UV degradation.

    Greenhouse plastic cover can be cut to any length. Please contact us if you don't see the length of the greenhouse film you are looking for.  


    Greenhouse Plastic Features:

    • Clear 6 mil polyethylene film
    • Anti-dust protection - Reduces absorption of dust for long-lasting transmittance
    • 4-Year Rating & Warranty
    • Light transmittance > 90%
    • Light Diffusion 20% 
    • 4 Year Warranty makes this plastic NRCS Preferred
    • Most pieces are custom cut to specification.

    The 5 layer technology in our UV-resistant greenhouse plastic allows it to have high mechanical strength and flexibility.  

    *Any UV-protected Greenhouse Films should not come into direct contact with PVC as it will cause pre-mature degradation. 

    Greenhouse Film Specifications

    • Longitudinal tensile strength: 23 MPa.

    • Breaking tensile strength transverse: 22 MPa.

    • Breaking Elongation: 680%

    • Longitudinal tear strength: 8.4kg./ mm

    • Transverse tear strength: 11.5kg./ mm

    • Impact strength: 1200g

    • Light transmittance: 90%

    • Scattering rate: 20%

    • UV blocking: 95% / 350nm

    Because each order is custom cut, we can not accept returns once the item has shipped.

    Shipping Via Motor Freight (semi)

    Rolls over 120 lbs. must ship via motor freight.  Express shipping on freight orders must be custom quoted. We will notify you if your order requires this shipping method.  Click here for information on freight delivery.

    Understanding Greenhouse Plastic Properties


    Our 6 mil greenhouse film is designed with a light transmittance greater than 90%.  This means over 90% of light passes into your greenhouse through the plastic sheeting. High light transmission is essential to allow your plants to thrive.


    The greenhouse film's diffusion allows light to be scattered around your hoop house and helps your plants get even lighting in all areas inside your structure.  Diffused light is particularly important for tall or self-shading plants that typically would get uneven light exposure in direct sunlight. This enables you to have fuller and more even growth in your greenhouse.


    Direct light from the sun is not ideal for most plants.  Direct light means that no particles in the atmosphere or coverings are dispersing sunlight,  which can lead to scorch, uneven heating, and shadowing of nearby plants.  On a cloudy or overcast day, you will notice a lack of shadows because the light is being dispersed in many different directions.  Clear greenhouse plastic acts similarly to the clouds to diffuse the light but still allows more than 90% of the light through.  The plastic polyethylene film converts the direct sunlight into a more evenly distributed and dispersed light in your hoop house.  This allows the light to penetrate deeper into your plants, which improves your yields.  

    Greenhouse plastic sheeting helps with light dispersion and creates a more uniform temperature inside your hoop house.  Direct sunlight causes hot spots on your plants, just like if you were standing outside in the direct sunlight on a hot sunny day.  Once the sun goes behind a cloud, you feel much cooler.  Your plants feel the same way.  Areas that are getting direct sunlight can be subject to sun scorch while the plants' shaded parts are nice and cool.  This can cause die-off and stress on parts of your plants that are overexposed to direct sunlight.  Light dispersion creates a more consistent temperature for your plants, enabling more uniform growth.

    Read How to Determine the Size of Greenhouse Plastic You Need for information on sizing.


    When buying greenhouse plastic, be sure not to get it from a local hardware store such as Home Depot or Lowes. Yes, they sell cheap 6 mil plastic film, but it is not UV stabilized.  You will be lucky to get 4 months of use out of their plastic before it disintegrates, and you will have a mess of torn and brittle plastic to clean up.  Any greenhouse plastic you buy wants to make sure that it is UV stabilized.

    Bootstrap Farmer's 6 mil clear greenhouse plastic has 89% light transmittance to bring plenty of diffused light into your structure for healthier and happier plants.

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      Ask a Question
      • Do you have shade cloth

        Yes we do have shade cloth.  We are in the middle of revamping these listings.  But we would be happy to make a custom quote for you.  Freel free to reach out to us at contact@bootstrapfarmer.com and we can get you a price.

      • do you sell greenhouses

        Yes we do.  You can find our greenhouse kits here: https://www.bootstrapfarmer.com/collections/greenhouse-kits.  We also sell DIY bundles : https://www.bootstrapfarmer.com/collections/diy-hoop-house-kits

      • May I get 60' x 60' GREENHOUSE PLASTIC - 4 YEAR UVA CLEAR?

        The largest width we carry is 54' wide. Our greenhouse films are available at 60' lengths.

      • How do I order for separate end covering

        The kits come with all of the plastic you will need. Once the top/long sides are covered and attached, you will need to cut the excess plastic off of both ends at the top facing lock channel. The resulting two pieces are what you will use to cover your endwalls. You can view the instructions here on page 21: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1338/7937/files/Greenhouse_Building_Instructions_All_Metal_Hoop_House.pdf?v=1601658241

      • Does the plastic come in 3 pieces for separate end walll covering

        Once the top/long sides are covered and attached, you will need to cut the excess plastic off of both ends at the top facing lock channel. The
        resulting two pieces are what you will use to cover your endwalls. You can view the instructions here on page 21: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/1338/7937/files/Greenhouse_Building_Instructions_All_Metal_Hoop_House.pdf?v=1601658241

      • Hello! We are constructing a 24' wide by 32' long hoop house and needing a recommendation on the size plastic to buy. Do you recommend the exact size or larger. Thank you!

        We recommend sizing larger for insurance and security! I've included a link here that will help you measure more accurately. There is also a chart on this page for your reference. You will have to scroll down a little to view this information. https://www.bootstrapfarmer.com/pages/greenhouse-plastics

      • Wondering about the use of PVC coated wiggle wire if the recommendation is to paint or seal off the PVC pipes from contact with the plastic in order to preserve its life from the "off gassing" of PVC. Doesn't the PVC coating on the wiggle wire have direct contact with the plastic?

        PVC coated wire is food grade safe and will not negatively react with the greenhouse plastic.

      • Is the chart above that shows the width and length of the plastic measured in inches or feet? I'm guessing feet, but figured it would be smart to check before ordering!

        All our greenhouse plastic measurements are in feet.

      • I am interested in buying double layer plastic and an air pump for our hoop house. The measurements are: length: 82', width: 31', height: 13.3'. What is the size of plastic I should order? Do you know someone in my area who I could get to put it up? Our zipcode is 49047. And, do I buy 2 sets of plastic sheets, and put up one layer first, then the next?

        For the length you would need at least 100 feet long.  For the width its hard to say without a measurement.  Generally, a 48' wide would work but if its too hard to measure and you are unsure I would error on the side of caution and go for the 54.  Worst thing you can do is order it too short.  

        Getting two separate pieces of plastic makes the install a little more manageable.  The weight of each piece will over 200lbs so it will make it easier to maneuver.  This is something that can be installed by a local handyman in your area with a little instruction.  https://www.bootstrapfarmer.com/blogs/building-a-greenhouse/best-way-to-install-plastic-to-greenhouse

      • Is pressure treated wood a good idea for a frame? Or should I go with untreated lumber? Planning on making a wooden frame with cattle panel roof greenhouse. Was wondering if pressure treated wood would affect the plastic in any way.

        We generally avoid pressure treated wood due to the chemicals that are used to treat the wood.  It shouldn’t affect the greenhouse plastic.  However our only concern would be the chemicals that could leach into the soil surrounding the lumber. 

      • I am working on planter boxes and want to develop a hoop top that can open or be removed, looking for fastening ideas for green house plastic

        You may want to look at building a low tunnel over your planter boxes.  With roll up sides would be similar to what you are describing: https://www.bootstrapfarmer.com/blogs/building-a-greenhouse/how-to-build-a-greenhouse

      • If I want to do bi wall with the plastic I just use double up the plastic and then use the air pump?

        Thats correct.  You just need two pieces of greenhouse plastic and and air inflation pump.

      • Cost of 14w 20L 8mil

        We do not offer 8 mil plastic only 6 mil in the clear.

      • What is the max square footage of greenhouse plastic that still qualifies for non-freight shipping (ie less than 120 lbs)? Would purchasing two sheets of plastic, each under 120 lbs but more than 120 lbs combined, still qualify for the free shipping?

        Hi Cory,

        Whether is goes by freight or not shipping would still be free for you.  You are correct that around 120 lbs (usually closer to 130 or 140 lbs) is where it would then go by motor freight.

      • I've seen green house kits with 55% light opacity and 90% light opacity. How do I know which type of plastic cover that I need? I live in north texas where summers are brutally hot. There is no external shade source for my garden. I will be growing spring through summer. Which type of plastic cover should I get? I'm mainly trying to protect from heat, wind and birds.

        Hello Angela, In N. Texas it is very difficult to keep a plastic / Polly hoop house cool. I’m growing in N. Dallas and I generally take my greenhouse 6 mil plastic off and replace it with 40% shade cloth. We also have numerous exhaust fans and open sides for air flow. Plastic goes back on for cooler months with the wiggle wire and channel setup. Bootstrap Farmer only carries the 4 year 6 mil Polly plastic and it is the standard for commercial growing operations.
        https://www.bootstrapfarmer.com/collections/greenhouse-coverings/products/greenhouse-plastic Clear 6 mil polyethylene film 5 layer technology for durability Light transmittance > 90%  Light Diffusion 20%

      • Does the greenhouse plastic have a center mark?

        The greenhouse plastic does not have a center mark.

      • I have a greenhouse frame 15 L 10W 8H like to cover the the entire frame with bottom floor cover with greenhouse cover. Not sure what size I need to order to get this done.

        Hi Tim,

        What is the length of one of your hoop house arches (ground to ground)?

      • Do you ship to the Caribbean island of St. Lucia?

        We can ship the greenhouse plastic to St. Lucia but we would need to custom quote the shipping.  Let us know by sending the exact delivery address to contact@bootstrapfarmer.com along with the size of plastic that you need.

      • I do not see any reference to anti drip technology in you plastic. Does you plastic offer drip control?

        We can offer you anti drip if that is something you are looking for.  Just send us an email at contact@bootstrapfarmer.com and let us know the size you are looking for. 

      • am looking for 6 mil plastic sheeting uv protected, clear that i can use to cover windows in winter on mobile home, openings vary would like to install with tape , does your film have a slight strech so i could get it tight. would need to rec. within a weeks time any sugestions

        The plastic will have some strech to it.  If you need it within a week send us an email at contact@bootstrapfarmer.com with the size you need and we can check to see if we have any pre-cut pieces. 

      • If I'm stretching this over PVC hoops, what do you recommend for protecting the plastic from the PVC? I saw you have repair tape, but the cost of covering all the PVC would add up fast. Thanks!

        The cheapest way to protect the plastic from PVC is white latex paint that contains No fungicde.  Or you could also use a White tape (non pvc) such as white duct tape. 

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