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    Note: Because each order is custom cut we can not accept returns once the item has shipped.


    Our greenhouse shade cloth is UV stabilized, rot and mildew resistant, and has an 8-year warranty with a 16-year life expectancy. Shade cloth is an important component of your greenhouse to keep your plants safe during the intense summer heat.


    Shade cloths protect the plants with light diffusion and UV protection. They also help to keep your greenhouse cool, improve plant ventilation, reduce water usage, and help to prevent sunburn on plants.

    What Size of Shade Cloth Should I buy?

    You will want the cloth to cover from hip to hip on your hoop house or cover loosely over the desired area that needs protection. Install clips to secure the shade cloth every 24-36". Shade cloth can also be installed using lock channel and spring wire. Check out this video tutorial on how to add shade cloth to a high tunnel greenhouse.

    Here are some quick conversions -

    (Match Length of Shade Cloth with Length of Structure)

     Hoop House Width Shade Cloth Width Recommendation
    10' 20'
    20' (20' for Gothic)
    12' 20'
    14' 20' (32' for Gothic)
    20' 32' (42' for Gothic)
    30' 42'




    Need help determining which % shade cloth to get?

    Choose shade density based on climate, plant's light needs, and heat sensitivities.

    30% Northern Zones - Mixed Vegetables
    50% Southern Zones & Tomatoes, Lettuce, Mixed Crops


    30% (left) vs. 50% (right)

    shade cloth


    • Black polyethylene knitted fabric
    • 8 Year Warranty & 16 Year Life Expectancy
    • 30% Shade
    • 70% Light Transmittance
    • U.V. Treated
    • Does not include clips

    Because each order is custom cut we can not accept returns once the item has shipped.


    Rolls over 120 lbs. must ship via motor freight. We will notify you if your order requires this shipping method. Click here for information about freight delivery.

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      Ask a Question
      • How long does it take for your orders to ship/arrive? ordering GREENHOUSE SHADE CLOTH - 30% BLACK. The order will consist of 2- 80'x20' sheets, and 2-80'x6'. sheets

        Our shade cloth typically ships in 4 business days as we cut most pieces to length.  We ship via UPS out of Ohio so shipping time will be dependent on your location.  Typically it is between 2-4 days of shipping time.

      • I currently want to built a 25wx80L high tunnel, what size of shade cloth do I need? And what size of green house plastic? I’m in woodland Ca, long growing season and very hot 🥵 summers.

        For shade cloth I would recommend 32' Wide. We will be listing this in the next few days.  For the greenhouse plastic it depends on the shape of your greenhouse.  The best thing to do would be to try to measure around the frame of the structure to get the width.  For the height it will just be your length (80') plus 2 times the height.

      • we need it for shading people on a 60 x 35 rectangle of concrete with poles every 10 feet....how can I mount this??? Is this shade cloth hemmed and have grommets?

        We do have shade cloth that has grommets but we would need to custom quote that piece.  All our shade cloth has sewed edges.  That can be secured with these shade cloth hold down clips.  They secure to the edges of the shade cloth and you can then hook a rope in the center groove https://www.bootstrapfarmer.com/products/cover-hold-down-clips-25-count

      • we were considering the shade cloth for the top of our pergola. do you know if rain water will pass through it?

        Yes rain water would pass through.

      • What is the unit of measurement being used when you say 6x30? feet or meters... also what colours do you have available?

        Everything is in feet and in the color black.

      • looking for a 30 by 50 40%

        We don't carry 40% shade cloth. We only carry 30% and 50%.

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