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6 Cell Plug Tray Inserts

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Our 6 cell tray inserts are made for the grower that wants an easily removable insert when growing a variety of crops.  Made out of food safe heavy duty polypropylene plastic.  These are not your typical throw away seed tray inserts.  They are built to be used for many years of use.


  • Extra strength 1.8mm thick PP (#5) BPA free black plastic
  • 12 inserts fit per 1020 tray (Due to the tapering sides of the 1010 tray, 6 cell inserts do no fit correctly
  • Drain holes at bottom of seed propagation 6 cell trays
  • Seed trays are guaranteed to last at least 2 years


  • Each cell in tray insert is 1½"" x 1½"" on top which tapers down to 1"" at the bottom
  • Seed tray insert outer dimensions: 5"" x 3⅓"" x 2¼"" height

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  • Are the packs 60 trays or 60 cells?

    60, 6 cell inserts. 

  • What can be used to push seedlings out of the holes at the bottom of these cells?

    Our Widger Dibber is the best tool for removing seedlings from cell trays! Here is the link to the product!https://www.bootstrapfarmer.com/products/widger-dibber-set?_pos=2&_sid=426392a8a&_ss=rhttps://www.bootstrapfarmer.com/products/widger-dibber-set?_pos=2&_sid=426392a8a&_ss=r

  • How many 6 cell inserts fit in the 1020 tray.

    12 of the 6 cell inserts fit in each 1020 tray.

  • Will these 6 cell trays fit in the 5x5 tray with humidity dome?

    They won't fit in the 5x5 trays.  They are designed to fit within the 1020 trays.

  • Will 12 of these 6-cell inserts fit into the 1010 seed starting flats?

    You can fit 6 of the 6 cell trays in a 1010.  However they won't sit completely flat.  They are better designed for 1020 trays.