Want to sell edible flowers?


Here's how to get started.

When seeking out clients for edible flowers, we suggest doing a little research about the restaurants, bars, and bakeries in your area. Social media is a great place to start. Depending on the quality of their media, you should get a feel for their cuisine and style. From there, start researching what you would be able to provide that would complement it. If you notice edible flowers in use, find out if they are getting them locally. Once you have your list of potential clients in your area, start bringing samples. Even better, have samples and a list of availability for them to browse. If they like what you have and you can provide consistency, there's a good chance you will land that client.

What Edible Flowers Do Chefs and Bakers Want?

Chefs are always looking for colorful items to add to charcuterie boards, dishes, and desserts. Bakers and pastry chefs love adding edible flowers to their presentations. Here is a list of some of the most common flowers chefs and bakers are requesting.

Top 10 Edible Flowers


1. Nasturtiums

Their peppery flavor adds excitement to a plate or cocktail. They come in bright colors and have a decent shelf life.

2. Marigolds

These are especially popular for boards with their bright yellow to orange hues.


3. Borage

Nice light blue color and mild flavor make this one popular as a garnish.
sweet williams

4. Sweet Williams

With their attractive confetti look, they add dimension to any dish, board, or dessert. Bakers especially like the bright pink hues this flower touts.

5. Violas

Nearly flavorless and with endless color combinations, these add so much to everything. These flowers are probably the most popular across the industries, and they are relatively easy to grow. Bonus!


6. Chamomile

Reminiscent of tiny daisies, these are incredibly popular on cakes and boards alike. They have a subtle but palatable flavor.

7. Bachelor Button

The bright blues-purples of this flower are very appealing. They also have a subtle flavor making them a great accent without affecting the dish's flavor.


8. Chrysanthemum

Refer to the list for exact species, but these blooms are attractive in shape and pleasant in flavor.

9. Lavender

Field-grown lavender is hard to beat. Bartenders and bakers alike look to add this to their presentations. English lavender is the most sought out variety for culinary use.

10. Begonia

With such a delicate, lovely look, these compliment cakes, and pastries well. Light in flavor- they are often added to drinks as a garnish.

Before Starting a Sales Relationship...

You will need to look into your local USDA for licensing and permitting. You will also need to file for a business license and secure insurance for your operation. These things are especially important when selling consumables as there is risk involved. Do the due diligence and this can be a profitable business or side hustle.