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    Starting Seeds on Your Urban Farm with Michael Bell

    Discover Michael Bell's proven seed starting routine for urban farming success. Dive into the simplicity of his coco coir and worm castings mix, and uncover expert tips for filling trays, mastering watering techniques, and nurturing thriving seedlings.
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    Succession Planting for Success in the Market Garden

    Michael Bell of Dallas Half Acre Farm has learned a lot about timing and planning ahead for future weekly harvests. Learn how he grows and plans his weekly lettuce harvests here.
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    Dallas Half Acre on Farming without running water

    Valuable lessons from Michael Bell that he has learned in years of farming without water access on his land.
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    Increase Your Urban Farm's Output with Container Gardening

    If you already have an urban farm and want to grow more crops in the space you already have, then containers of all types, shapes, and sizes are a fantastic way of achieving that.
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    Urban Farming

    Depending on the type of produce and your climate, a single square foot of growing space can yield between 1-4 pounds of food per year. Extrapolate that outward and a relatively small growing space can produce a large amount of food. This is particularly true of high-value, quick turnaround crops grown in succession, things like baby greens, arugula, green onions, and cherry tomatoes.

    Urban farming does not necessarily increase food security as urban farmers need to focus on the highest-value crops to keep the lights on. It does, however, increase the variety and freshness of foods available in an urban area and can act as a stopgap in times of food shortages.

    Urban farmers grow vertically, in-ground, hydroponically, and in containers. There are two different types of urban farms. There is a controlled environment type of growing in shipping containers and warehouses, and there is in-ground, container outdoor urban farming.