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Flood & Grow Trays

Flood Trays & Growing Racks

Shop Bootstrap Farmer for your next flood tray. Our food-safe seedling flood trays are made with sturdy plastic to keep your plants safe and secure. Each of our flood trays reduces standing water, meaning you can spend more time farming and less time stressing. If you're ready to increase your growing productivity, purchase a high-quality DIY flood tray in our online store today!

Rack Trays 2' x 4'
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Rack Trays 2' x 4' Bootstrap Farmer
from $89.99
Pallet Rack Tray
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Pallet Rack Tray Bootstrap Farmer
from $339.99
Vertical Automated Propagation Rack
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Growing Tiers
Vertical Automated Propagation Rack Bootstrap Farmer
from $1,849.00
Grow Rack Fans
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Grow Rack Fans Bootstrap Farmer
Sold Out
Outside Dimension (OD) Flood Tray
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Outside Dimension (OD) Flood Tray Bootstrap Farmer
from $139.99