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  • 1020 Mesh Shallow Extra Strength Trays - 1" Deep

    USA Made Extra Strength Mesh Trays

    These shallow, mesh bottom trays are now made right in the USA. Perfect for hydroponic applications, soil block propagation, Rockwool cubes, microgreens, and fodder. These long-lasting, durable 1020 trays contain a flat mesh bottom that won't give out or fail. These mesh propagation trays have extra drainage for roots and are backed by a 2-year warranty!  


    • Outer dimensions: 20 7/8” x 10 5/8” x 1 3/8” Deep
    • Made from BPA free, food-safe polypropylene (PP #5) plastic
    • Mesh holes (3.4mm) for great drainage
    • Ideal for use with 1020 microgreen tray, but strong enough to be used on its own
    • Please note that we recommend using trays of the same depth when nesting trays.
    • Mesh trays are designed to sit inside a no hole tray of the same depth. If you are stacking be aware that the no hole tray will sit about 1/4 inch above the bottom of the mesh tray.
    • Made in the USA

    Mesh Tray Dimensions

    Inner Dimensions of 1020 Mesh Tray

    • From Bottom: 19.5" x 9 3/8" x 1 1/4"
    • From Top: 20. 3/16" x 9 7/8"

    Outer Dimensions

    •   20 7/8” x 10 5/8” x 1 3/8” Deep

      Mesh Tray Hole Size

      • 0.13 inches (3.4mm)

      What is the benefit of using a mesh tray?

      Mesh microgreen trays are perfect for when the application requires a bit more drainage i.e., Rockwool cubes, soil blocking, and various microgreens. These 1020 mesh trays work great with our 1020 shallow microgreen trays without holes for easy bottom-watering.

      Check out Learn How to Grow Microgreens at Home: A Step by Step Guide for more information on growing microgreens in shallow and mesh trays.

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      Ask a Question
      • What varieties of microgreens are these trays suited for? I can imagine larger seeds like sunflower or peas working well, but not something like arugula. Do you have a list of microgreens suitable to these trays?

        Mesh trays are generally used for large seeded crops like peas, sunflower, radish, wheatgrass or for fodder crops, all of which have larger diameter roots. As long as you are using a growing media like soil or coco coir they can be used for smaller seeded crops if you need increased drainage.

      • I wanted to know what is better for root integrity. Using either the mesh or the holed shallow microgreens trays when growing sprouts with a cococoir matt. Do the mesh holes creat alot of root breakage when pulling the coir Matt's out of the trays? I want to be able to pull the coir Matt's out with good root integrity when giving the sprouts to friends and possibly selling the sprouts in the future. But also I want to bottom feed the sprouts and was hoping the holes would allow the roots to reach for the water solution kept in the solid tray. Also, I wondered if the deeper solid tray mixed with the short mesh tray would be a good way to have both air and bottom water feed. Regards, Shane Allan

        If you are planning to remove the entire mat and root mass it would be better to use the shallow trays with holes inside of a shallow tray with no holes. This will allow you to lift and cut the coir mat with minimal breakage. Many of our customers have also had success doing a tray exchange/subscription model. In this model a possible solution to what you are proposing would be to use 10x10 or 5x5 trays so that you could transfer or sell the entire growing mass/tray without cutting. You can then charge a deposit or offer a discount when people return the trays.
        You are correct that trying to remove the root mass from a mesh tray would cause many of the roots to break as they tangle together while growing. 
        Using the shallow mesh tray inside a deep tray would make it difficult to add enough water to reach the bottom of the growing media for proper watering while the microgreens are small.

      • 1020 SHALLOW MESH MICROGREEN TRAYS - EXTRA STRENGTH 1" DEEP Will this fit in the 1020 blue, heavy duty trays I have purchased from you? I am looking for an insert to the blue trays that props up a coco pad to not be in water, but roots can reach water in tray below the grooves. Thanks!

        These shallow microgreen trays will sit on top of any of our 1020 trays.  So if you are using the 1" deep microgreen trays with a standard 2.25" 1020 tray then there will be about a 1" gap between the bottom of the top tray and the bottom of the lower tray.