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Greenhouse Shade Cloth - 30% Black


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Our greenhouse shade cloth is UV stabilized, rot and mildew resistant and has an 8 year warranty with 16 year life expectancy.  Shade cloth is an important component to your greenhouse to keep your plants safe during the intense summer heat.


  • Black polyethylene, monofilament knitted fabric
  • 8 Year Warranty & 16 Year Life Expectancy
  • 30% Shade
  • 70% Light Transmittance
  • U.V. Treated
  • Mold & Mildew Resistant


Heat Reduction

The use of shade cloth in the greenhouse or out in the field can help to create a microclimate more ideally suited for plants to thrive.  In the greenhouse, shade cloth can reduce ambient temperature by 10 degrees or more.

Season Extension

Shade cloth will help to reduce soil temperatures so that you can continue growing greens & lettuce when normally it would be too warm. 

Light diffusion

Many plants benefit greatly from indirect light. The use of shade cloth will reduce plant damage created by too much direct sunlight.

Reduced Water Consumption/Energy Use

Lower ambient & soil temps means less water required to irrigate plants as well as less energy used to cool the greenhouse.

Pesticide Reduction

Excessive heat leads to plants that are stressed and more prone to attacks by pests. Heat reduction by the use of shade cloth, therefore creates healthier plants that are less likely to face insect pressure. 

Increased Product Quality & Better Yields

Shade cloth protects plants from damage such sun scald caused by direct sunlight.  Additionally, plants will experience increased bloom & fruit set when temperatures are moderated.

Plants the benefit from shade cloth

30% shade cloth is a great choice for vegetables such as tomatoes and peppers in areas with hot summers.  It is also useful for eggplants and melons to prevent sunscald during periods of intense radiation.  Additionally, you can use shade cloth to keep cool weather crops such as lettuce and greens from getting bitter and bolting.  


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