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  • Greenhouse Plastic Repair Tape

    Despite your best efforts, there’s no way to completely prevent your greenhouse plastic from taking damage over time. Be prepared for tears created by the elements with this handy roll of greenhouse repair tape.


    • Low temperature resistance: ≥ -20℃ (-4℉)
    • High temperature resistance: ≤60℃ (140℉)
    • UV resistant up to 4 years

    Our greenhouse repair tape boasts resistance to both high and low temperatures, moisture, wind, chemicals, and abrasion. This can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments. It’s UV-stabilized to provide longer holding power.

    Our greenhouse repair tape can be spliced, used to cover seams on polyethylene films, act as a weather sealant for doors and windows, and temporarily hold down plastic for more extensive repair jobs.

    A small tear can lead to big problems if it’s not immediately addressed. Don’t be caught off guard; make sure that any purchase of greenhouse plastic includes a roll of this greenhouse tape for both emergencies and regular maintenance.

    Additional Features

    • Thickness: 150 microns equivalent to 6 mil
    • 10% EVA
    • 85% PE
    • 5% UV
    • Anti-UV time: 34,000 hours
    • Dispersiveness ≤0.1

    Repairing Holes

    Keep a roll of repair tape on hand at all times. Taping up a small hole when it happens will save you a big tear the next time the wind picks up. We farmers have a tendency to keep pokey things in our pocket.
    When repairing a tear or small hole, prepare the area by washing both sides of the plastic with mild soap and water. Rinse and completely dry the plastic before attaching tape. Place a piece of tape large enough to extend a few inches beyond the damage on both the inside and outside of the plastic. Make sure the tape sticks to itself through the hole for a more secure repair. Taped repairs should be checked every 6-8 months to ensure the tape is not coming loose.

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