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    USA Made DIY Pole Bender!

    US-made hoop bender from Bootstrap Farmer. These 4', 6', 10', 12', and 20' heavy-duty benders are fabricated in Texas. The 10', 12', and 20'  work with a 1" top rail for DIY hoop house greenhouses. Bent along ⅛” Heavy Duty channel, this is the strongest pole bender on the market with a redesigned leverage bar and finished with a powder coat finish for all-weather protection and unlimited hoops. The 4' and 6' are specially designed to work with 3/4" EMT.

    Available for 4', 6', 10', 12' and 20' hoop sizes


    • Made in the USA
    • 4' and 6' benders work with 3/4" EMT or 1/2" EMT
    • 10', 12', and 20' benders work with 1 3/8" Top Rail
    • Bends Hoops for DIY Greenhouses
    • Powder Coated for Weather Protection
    • PDF Instructions

    Each hoop bender includes

    • Pole Bender
    • Hardware for attachment to any solid flat surface
    • Extension bar for added leverage at the end of your bend
    • 4' and 6' Benders Do Not Include Extension Bar - as it is not needed

    Conduit needed for caterpillar or high tunnel greenhouse (hoop house)

    • 4' and 6' caterpillar tunnel - (1) 10.5' x 3/4" or 1/2" EMT per hoop
    • 10' and 12' wide high tunnel hoop house - (2) 10' x 1⅜" top rail per hoop
    • 20' wide high tunnel hoop house - (3) 10' x 1⅜" top rail per hoop
    Greenhouse Width | Approximate Height 
    4' | 47"
    6' | 40"
    10' | 8.5'
    12' | 8'
    20' | 10.75'
    Install the bender 5-6 feet above the ground to provide enough working space. To keep the hoop steady, mount the bender on a flat surface that's at least 4 feet long. This will ensure the hoop bends in the desired direction without curving when upright.

    Video Tutorials

    Bending a 4' Hoop-


    Bending 6-20' Hoops-

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    Ask a Question
    • Hi l am looking to construct a green house / high tunnel I like your hoop bender I have most of the hoop lumber I need cover ties

      Are you looking for paracord to keep your greenhouse plastic down? 

    • 1-3/8" top rail seems a good material to use. I've seen 1-5/8" top rail as well. Would these benders accommodate that diameter?

      The benders work with 1 3/8" top rail to bend the hoops. The 1 5/8" pipe is used as the ground post, which gets driven into the ground and the 1 3/8 sits in it.


      There is not a way to get straight sidewalls using the bender.

    • How many hoops are needed / how far are they spaced? Say if I wanted a 20 x 40' house, how many of the 10' poles would I need to purchase?

      We reccomend spacing the hoops 4' apart. Each 20' hoop will require 3 of the 10' top rail poles. If you would like to view all of the required materials to build one of our DIY kits that use the hoop bender you can scroll to the chart of what to buy locally at the bottom of this page. 

    • I’d like to make a 20’ wide hoop house with 2 foot ground posts. Height would need to be 6-8 feet ideally. Which bender would you recommend?

      We recommend using the 20' pole bender. The height of this structure would be 10.75' tall.

    • When will you have more of the 20’ benders in stock?

      We expect to have those available in the beginning of March.

    • I have access to 20 ft 13/8 top rail. Can this be used instead of 2- 10ft and work with the 12ft wide bender.

      While we haven't tried this with the hoop bender ourselves, we have had customers that did this without issue.

    • Hello. Do you have a bender that can bend 1inch Galvanized pipe?

      We dont have any greenhouse pole benders for 1" pipe.  The closest would be the 10', 12' and 20' benders that accomidate 1 -3/8" pipe.  These would generally work but there will be extra space so you may get uneven bends.

    • What is the inside height of the 6’ wide hoops?

      The height would be about 3' tall plus the height of your ground posts.  

    • What’s the roof height of the 12ft wide option? We’re looking at using this to bend 20ft EMT sticks, that’ll ultimately be attached to 3ft vertical walls (goat & pig housing).

      If you are building a greenhouse using a 12 ft bender AND ground posts that are 2ft above ground, the height of the hoop house will be about 8ft tall.

    • I'd need a 24 foot bender

      We do not currently offer a 24 ft. bender. Due to the extra support structure needed to brace a hoop house over 20 ft. wide we recommend adding length vs. width to your build to increase available space.

    • Hi there, any chance you might be making a 4 ft hoop bender in the near future? It's the perfect size for raised garden beds. Thanks!

      We're workin on it :)  Next gen hoop benders + additional sizes coming later this year.

    • I have 21 foot top rails can I been two of those to make a 20 foot wide

      You would need to cut down one of the 21 foot top rails to 10 feet.  Our 20' wide grenhouse pole bender has an angle based on bending 30 feet length of pipe.

    • I have 20 foot lengths of 1.25 in. galvanize fence tubing. I want to bend these to make a 12 foot hoop for a chicken run. will your 12 bender work on this pipe?

      While the 1.25" tubing will fit in the bender, it will wiggle around a lot and you may not get a very nice hoop shape.  In order to make a 12 ft wide hoop with our 12' bender we use 1 3/8".

    • on a 24 foot wide hoop what is the length from foot (base) to foot (base) for the width of plastic film required?

      48' wide will work and will leave just a bit extra for sidewall ventilation

    • Hi, can I use 1” emt conduit for a 20’ greenhouse? And also would you sidewall ventilation crank work with a 20’ greenhouse built with these benders? Thank you

      Are you looking to use 1" EMT for the hoops for for the roll up sides?  1" EMT may not be strong enough to use for the hoops.  It can be used for the roll up sides however it would not fit our hand crank.

      Our sidewall ventilation crank would work with a 20' greenhouse no problem if the EMT was 3/4" for the roll up sides.

    • I have a 34’ wide greenhouse gothic arch I want to duplicate DIY. Do you have hoop benders for that style.

      The largest hoop bender we currently have is 24'.  Unfortunitly we don't currently have 34' wide.

    • Hello, Can I build a 10' hoop house with the 12' bender? Or build a 12' hoop house with a 10' bender? I want to build a 10' and 12' hoop house.

      It isn't reccommended to do either one since you will risk having the hoops mishaped.  With that said however, using the larger bender to make a smaller hoop house would be the lesser of two evils given that you could potentially squeeze the hoops together a bit when placing them into the ground posts to create a smaller width.  Doing it for 1 ft of width difference may be okay but 2ft may be pushing it.  I definately wouldn't use a smaller bender to make a larger hoop though.

    • Can the 6ft bender do 3/4" emt.

      Yes it can.

    • how many 10' 6'' toprails are required to make a single arc for a 24 foot wide greenhouse?

      For a 24' wide hoop house we would bend 4 - 10ft long poles to create a single arc.

    • We received our hoop bender. There is a loop/slot at both ends. Videos show it at only 1 end. It seems like the loop at other side would interfere with bending. Is it defective?

      Only the 6ft bender has two slots.  One is for if you are using 1/2" pipe and the other is if you are using 3/4".  For our other bender sizes we use only 1 size (1 3/8") so only 1 slot is necessary.

    • My driveway is 10’ wide. I want to build a tunnel for car and grapevine. Can i make it 9’ wide and 12’ tall tunnel with this tool?

      You can make that work.  It might be little bit of a struggle to get the hoops to slide into the ground posts, but you'll still be able to get it done.  A taller tunnel requires taller ground posts, so instead of cutting an 8' pole in half, leave it at 8 ft and put 4 ft down and leave 4 ft up to get a bit higher than the usual.

    • It says made for 3/4” conduit on the 4 ft bender. Could you also use it for 1/2” conduit?

      Yes it can. It will be a little looser in the guide.

    • Gothic hoops? Do all of these work to make gothic style hoops or is there a special hoop bender just for that style?

      Our hoop benders are designed for making round hoops not gothic style.

    • I have a 20 by 20 by 12 ft high need hoops cover wiggle wire and rail for the cover

      Hello! I would reccomend  a 40x50 piece of our 6mil plastic: here is a link to order! 

      You can double check my math and reference this article for meausring:

    • I want to have a 10 ft wide hoop but I don’t want it as tall due to constraints in our neighborhood. Could i use 15 ft of top rail instead of 20 ft of pipe and if so, which bender would work best?

      We don't recommend doing this as the benders are specifically designed to bend 2 pieces of 10' pipe for the perfect circumference.

    • What width agribon do I need to cover the 4’ and 6’ hoops?

      You need to purchase at least a 10' wide piece, as the pipe use to bend the hoops was 10' long. 

      You can also checkout this link to help you measure: https://www.bootstrapfarmer.com/blogs/building-a-greenhouse/how-to-determine-the-size-of-greenhouse-plastic-you-need?_pos=2&_sid=df339a72a&_ss=r

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    United States United States

    6’ hoop bender

    This was my first time using the 6’ jig and I am pleased with the ease of use and resulting consistent and uniform hoop results. I’ve since ordered the 12’ bending jig.

    Daniel P.
    United States United States

    Impossible to make proper bends

    I really wanted to like this bender because it was very well made and seemed ideal. I watched the video multiple times before trying my first bend. No matter what I did, I couldn't get the bends to come out at the right radius. I went through $240 of pipe trying to get the bends right. I've been a carpenter for 20+ years so I'm very handy but I just couldn't get this bender to work. It's going in the scrap pile and I'll get a better bender to use for my hoophouse.

    United States United States

    6ft bender Blueberry Bird netting Enclosure

    6ft bender is excellent for a Blueberry enclosure. See the photos pretty easy

    United States United States


    So easy to set up and get working on bending symmetrical, sturdy hoops right away! The 4' hoop bender is solid, well made and will last forever. It's a great investment in the infrastructure of my growing spaces to create - not only - functionality but also beauty. Two thumbs up!

    United States United States

    12 ft Hoop bender

    The bender is made well, easy to mount with bolts, and in video and other resource instructions are wonderful! Thank you!