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Sustainable Food Truck Brandon Youst

'How It Started'

Bootstrap Farmer sprung out of a Farm-to-Table Food Truck Model, Veg2Bowl, in Eastern North Carolina. We grew vegetables and herbs in high tunnel greenhouses, which would go right into the mobile kitchen. Since it was a certified commercial kitchen, we could harvest, prepare, and serve meals to customers all on the same day with little to no waste.

For better or worse, while building the farm, we noticed tons of things on the farm that we wished were better or more efficient. After months of research, we had figured out the most efficient way to build a high tunnel greenhouse while strapped for money and not being able to waste a dime. Then while running the farm came the idea of making seed trays so durable that they could be used for a lifetime.

What we then knew is that we could provide more value to people in supplying equipment and providing free resources. From there, there was no turning back. The idea to create an ultra-durable seed tray and a better high-tunnel greenhouse kit was the germination of Bootstrap Farmer.

Meet the Bootstrap Farmer Family


Brandon Youst
Founding Member
Brandon is a visionary and focuses on the big mission - creating a network of businesses that bring hyperlocal food to a national scale.
Brad Youst
Managing Partner
Not much gets by Brad as he has an overarching view of the daily operations of the company and has his hands in almost every aspect of Bootstrap Farmer.  You've got questions?  Brad has answers.

The Bootstrappin' Team

Logistics and Operations Coordinator

Liz (Brad's wife) is now firmly in control of our shipping & logistics and most of our customer inquiries. If you've got questions - she can answer them! If not, she'll find someone that can. Liz loves getting feedback on how we can improve, so please reach out to her at contact@bootstrapfarmer.com!
Creative Director, Product Development, Podcast Host

Nick is clearly a man that wears many hats.  He is the lead designer for our All-Metal Hoop House kits. Nick can be heard on our podcast, Bootstrap Farmer Radio, on our YouTube channel, or found behind the scenes, doing what he does best - which is all things consulting, media & content. Nick is the founder of Victory Gardens in Paris, TX.

Technical Support, Sales, Product Development

Julian is based in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex. He lives on a couple of acres with a greenhouse, herd of goats, a water reclamation system, two gigantic solar arrays, and a nice fabrication shop. Julian will be heading up special projects both internally at BSF and with larger & complex client operations.

Marketing Director, Writer, Content Creator

Katie and her husband Andy run TerraWorks, a large scale strawberry operation and plant nursery on their farm in Bozeman, MT. Katie is passionate about indoor and outdoor growing and has years of experience to share with our customers. Locally nicknamed “the microgreens lady” in Bozeman, we knew she was the perfect fit. Always looking for the next story, Katie keeps us on our toes with her never-ending ideas and DIY projects.

Customer Happiness

Annie is the owner of Robust Farm, a market garden in Cleveland, Ohio that sells directly to restaurants. She is amazed by the colors, shapes and flavors that comes from her garden all year long. Annie loves all things fitness, nutrition and self-sufficiency! She is one of the friendly voices you will reach when you call for customer service.

Customer Happiness, Writer, Expert Microgreen Grower

Emily grows microgreens and edible flowers from her tiny urban homestead in Northern CA. She bootstrapped her Little Rainbow Farm from a side passion into a business that allows her to work at home. The better to chase after her son, pastured poultry and the occasional round of spring lambs. Emily adores testing out new crops and growing methods in a never-ending, tasty science experiment.

Customer Happiness

A true chill grower from the Bay Area, Rikki has found new inspiration and personal fulfillment through exploring what local food can do for a community. She has a disturbing obsession with cauliflower, will give you a run for your money at the poker table, and loves to help people plan out their gardens. You can catch her on our customer service line.
Boots on the Ground

As one of the “boots on the ground” for Bootstrap Farmer, this Texas Master Gardener has hands-on field experience with her thriving culinary garden business. When she isn’t designing, building, and maintaining food gardens for some of the top restaurants and corporations in the Northern-Texas area, she provides mentorship for those wanting advice on business or growing.

Marketing Strategist

Jillian is a marketing strategist and dairy farmer with her husband Jackson in Western Massachusetts. They milk about 160 cows on the farm and also have a herd of 30 goats, some chickens, ducks, and Crosby the guard goose. Jillian loves growing an oversized garden to can and ferment for the winter. You can find her working on the backend of Bootstrap Farmer’s website and marketing channels so that more people like you can find our products.

Learn More About Bootstrap Farmer

To get started browse our collection of products that will help to insure you are growing the best way possible.
Bootstrap Farmer prides itself on providing strong, versatile and cost efficient materials that you need to get your farm started. Whether it's DIY Greenhouse Kits, Greenhouse Accessories and Building Supplies or Extra Strength Plant Propagation & Growing Containers, our products are meant to last years.