Net Pot Tray Insert - 32 Holes - 10"x20"

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The hours of trial & error of searching for your own way to make a net pot tray are over. Google can step aside – Bootstrap Farmer has made a net pot tray with all your issues in mind.

We spoke to hydroponic and aquaponic growers in helping us develop the first and best 1020 net pot tray on the market. We couldn't find any net pot trays on the market, and that farmers were wasting A LOT of time and money - constructing their own.

If you're just getting started in aquaponics or hydroponics, we know the last thing you need is to be spending money trying to figure out a system that might work for you. Given our name, we wanted to find the best way for farmers to grow in net pots efficiently.

Lo and behold, the Bootstrap Farmer Net Pot Tray was born!


Our net pot trays are made with strong polypropylene plastic to help give your farm piece of mind with the longevity of your equipment.

Designed to fit 32 2” net pots, these trays fit perfectly in our 1020 tray. They’re also spaced about ½ inch apart to allow for sufficient growing space.

Two spikes in the middle of the tray are designed to provide even more reinforcement to keep your net pots from sagging in the tray. With these net pot trays, you’ll be able to stop spending time figuring out your system and more time paying attention to your plants. We promise they’ll thank you!

Key Features

  • Extra Thick, BPA Free Food Safe #5 PP plastic plate.
  • These are meant to be used for many years saving you money from buying replacements
  • Outer Dimensions 21¼” x 11¼” with spikes 2½" deep
  • Compatible with our 2" net pots, 1020 trays, and humidity domes
  • Efficient system for holding net pots


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  • Is this 1020 net pot tray, to start hydroponic plants or can you grow them to full maturity in these? I am looking to do a small amount of lettuce along side micro greens.

    Hey Abbie, this works with both applications.  The roots will just grow through the net pot.   Let us know of anything else!