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  • Dutch Bucket

    Dutch Bucket Set


    • Dutch Bucket
    • Dutch Bucket Lid
    • 2 Elbows
    • 1 Large Net Pot (3 inch)
    • 4 Small Net Pots (2 inch)

    Dutch buckets, also referred to as bato buckets, are a perfect space-saving hydroponics/aquaponics system designed for nearly every species. One of the greatest advantages of growing in dutch buckets is the reservoir at the bottom of the bucket. This serves as a sort of ‘lifeline’ for the plant. Given the power goes out, the reservoir has extra nutrient solution stored to help keep plants alive.

    Dutch buckets also make it easy to extend your current system, whereas you can use one drainage line and one watering line for the entire length of your system. The buckets also easily connect to one another - through what really makes Dutch Buckets unique is the ability to hold the growing media as well as the nutrient solution.

    Each purchase includes  (1) bucket; (2) elbows; (1) lid; (1) big net pot; and (4) small net pots. All you’ll need to do is set up irrigation. Try our Dutch Buckets and get in on the next great harvest!


    Key Features

    • Bucket, lid & net pots made from food-safe PP plastic, lid is PVC. 
    • Ease of use – connect multiple dutch buckets together over time
    • Space Saving
    • Reservoir in bottom helps keeps plants alive in complicated circumstances
    • Act as host for growing media and nutrient solution
    • Includes elbows, lid, and variety of net pots


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    Ask a Question
    • What are the dimensions of the Dutch Buckets?


    • What type of plastic are the buckets and components made from?

      The bucket, elbows and net pots are Polypropylene (PP) plastic, #5 recycling symbol.   The white lid is PVC. Good question - we'll update our listing to mention this.  

    • How many cubic feet of media do you need to fill all 10 buckets? I am trying to do my math right. Would 8 cu ft of perlite be enough?

      Based on the product dimensions of 12"x10"x9", you would need approximately .625 cubic feet per bucket or 6.25 cubic feet per 10 buckets.

    • What are the components needed for nutrients for the plants and irrigation system ?

      The components that you will need in addition to what comes with the buckets will depend if you are planning to use a recirculating system or drain system. Nutrients will depend on which crops you are planning to grow. Irrigation tubing to connect the buckets, water reservoir, a pump and some type of growing media are all common needs for this type of system.

    • What size pump do I need if I am using all ten buckets?

      This will depend on several factors.

      How far will the reservoir be from the buckets?

      How high off the ground are the buckets going to be?

    • What does it cost for 10 buckets and accessories?

      The price for a 10 pack of dutch buckets is $109.99

    • What size are the net pots contained in this Dutch Bucket Set?

      The dutch bucket net pots are: Small = 2" net Pots and Large = 3" net pots.

    • The Dutch bucket set says that it's a 10 pack, but later it says you only get 1 bucket and 1 set of accessories- so which is it, is it 110 dollars for 10, or 110 dollars for 1?

      Each set includes 1 bucket; 2 elbows; 1 lid; 1 large net pot and 4 small nets pots.  When you buy a 10 pack you get 10 sets (10 buckets; 20 elbows; 10 lids; 10 large net pots and 40 small net pots).

    • Can you sell lids for bato buckets separately? If yes, what is cost?

      We do not sell the lids separately

    • How do you use the lid and the net buckets? Do the holes pop out or have to cut them out?

      You would need to drill out the holes in the lids so that the net pots can rest inside.

    • how many gallon is a dutch bucket

      The dutch bucket holds about 4.5 gal and is 12"x10"x9"

    • Hello, when will the multicolor fabric grow bag pack become available in 10 gal size? Where are they made? What kind of fabric is it? Thank you very much.

      We only plan on having the multicolor in the 7 gallon.

    • Are the buckets and lids made with UV protected materials? Also what are the exp amount of years should last

      There are no uv additives. They are made of #5 plastic and the lids are PVC. With proper care, they are expected to last several years!