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Grow Rack - Automated Vertical Propagation Rack

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Growing Tiers

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  • Focus on being a farmer instead of an engineer.
  • Eliminate trips to the hardware store. 
  • Spend your time focusing on running your farm, working a day job, or completing other tasks while your plants continually get the care they need.  
  • Simply set the timers & fill the reservoir with water. 
  • Each flood tray is independently adjustable.
  • Flexible heavy-duty vinyl tubing resists leaks when bumped during maintenance.
  • 2 screens at each inlet & outlet to catch debris. 
  • All racks on casters for easy moving & maintenance.
  • This is flexible tubing. Even after installation, it may sag and twist vs. the straight connection you would see when using a pipe or PVC to plumb in the system.
  • Because of all of the things that can happen in transit, small leaks in connections can occur. Some clamps may need tightening, or drains may require some extra turns. These tasks are all part of the regular maintenance of a flood and drain system. 

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Set-up Instructions


  • 6500K T-5 LED Lights (4 per shelf) *See specs at bottom
  • 1500-2700 GPH Water Pump
  • 2' x 4' flood trays
  • Timers
  • Cooling Fans
  • 24/7 Aerators
  • 1 Full-system Micro Filter
  • Flush Valve
  • Heavy Duty Ball Valves
  • 38 Gallon Reservoir

Recommended for flood & drain systems:
Hemp, rockwool, or plugs

Outfit your rack with trays for propagation, microgreens, herbs, fodder, wheatgrass.

5 Tier
  • Fits 20 flats for sprouting & microgreens
4 Tier
  • Fits 16 flats for germination, propagation & microgreens
3 Tier
  • Fits 12 flats for herbs, fodder & wheatgrass



Easily serviceable for cleaning.


Reach out for a custom quote!

Ships with a roughly a 5-day lead time.

Distance between bottom of lights and top of flood tray:
3 tier: 13.5"
4 tier: 8.5"
5 tier 6.5"

The overall dimension of the unit including fan, cord & plumbing:
52" wide x 77" high x 29" deep

Outer dimensions of the flood tray:
45½" x 25½" x 3½"

Weight per unit (without 300 lb full reservoir water weight):
Roughly 180 lbs on castors

Amperage per unit:
5 tier - 6.8 amps
4 tier - 5 amps
3 tier - 3.5 amps

Each rack has an electrical draw that can add up. Please consult with an electrician when considering multiple racks on a single circuit.


LED Light Specs

  • 18W +- 10%
  • Color Temp 6500K
  • Ra 80
  • Lumens Efficiency 100LM/W
  • Lumens 1800LM
  • Beam Angle 120
  • PF 0.9
  • Voltage AC85-27 7V
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Ask a Question
  • Are the heights between the shelves adjustable?

    No, the height on the shelves is set because of the plumbing.

  • What is the approximate shipping price for the GROW RACK - AUTOMATED VERTICAL PROPAGATION RACK, 3, 4 and 5 tiers to San Diego, California?

    There will be no shipping charge for this to San Diego, CA.

  • Can I buy just the irrigation?

    At this time we don't offer the indivdual parts for sale.  The only parts that we have for sale are the rack trays

  • Do I need to put attach this to any plumbing in my home, or is it standalone/ self sufficient/has its own?

    The reservior will need to be filled with a hose initially and as needed to keep it full. Otherwise it is self sufficent. There is also an adapter that allows you to pump the water outside via a hose as needed for cleaning.

  • Is it possible to control the amount of water that fills into each tray?

    Yes, each tray has a seperate flow control valve.

  • Does it also come with the shelf too? Or no?

    Yes it is fully assembled as seen in the pictures.  The automated grow rack will come to you as show in the 3rd picture.

  • is it possible to grow small vegetables in with this rig, like very small radishes or carrots, petite bok choi, etc?

    Yes, you could definitely use the rack to grow petite vegetables. Be sure to consider the height of your desired plants and order the number of tiers that would allow for that space between the soil surface and the lights. If the pots you will be using are taller than the standard 2.5 inches you will need to consider that as well. Many people use the 3 or 4 tier rack to grow seedlings.

  • Can you use these racks to grow regular seedlings for transplant to the garden? I am wondering if I can use this set up instead of building a greenhouse.

    Yes and using our cell trays would probably work best.  Keep in mind that since soil is going to be used a bit more system maintenance is required in order to keep everything clean and functioning properly.

  • Can you tell me how much the automatic grow rack 5 tier is ?

    Sure!  The 5 tier is priced at $2,299 (pre-tax).

  • what is the electricity power this system need? like in kWh? How much electricity it need for a day?

    When the pump is on the amerage per unit is as follows:
    5 tier - 6.8 amps
    4 tier - 5 amps
    3 tier - 3.5 amps

    The kWh will greatly depend on how often you run the pumps.  These plug into a standard 120V outlet.

  • Is one 1000-1500 gph pump able to water all five trays at once?

    The 5 shelf rack comes with a 2700 gph pump.  The the lower trays fill up a tad faster but they all fill up within 5 minutes.

  • Hello. Can I order the system unassembled?

    Not currently.  In a few months we'll be making it available in parts.

  • Will these automated racks support growing in coco coir, or other solid-type growing media?

    Yes they will support various types of growing media.

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