Gothic All-Metal Greenhouse Kit

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US Manufactured Gothic High Tunnel Kit

Our newly designed “Gothic” arch style hoop house is perfect for those in Northern climates with higher snow-loads. The high arch of the gothic design prevents snow from building up on the roof. Available in 11’, 4”  14’ and 20’  widths. The sturdy frame of the gothic hoop house style design has a steepness that allows snow to simply slide off of the structure. Another advantage of the steep roofline of a  gothic arch high tunnel is higher endwalls. This gains the grower precious headroom, which lends to extra usable space within the structure. Go ahead and add that extra row! 


  • US Made Galvanized Steel and Aluminum 
  • NRCS compliant  
  • Pipes, door frames, & hip/baseboards feature Flo-Coat®, a Clear Organic seal on US-made Galvanized pipes.
  • LEED Certified pipes
  • Heavier 18 gauge hip and base braces
  • Heavy-duty 16 gauge hoops, ground posts, and endwall components
  • Texas Fabricated-reduces manufacturing miles & ensures hands-on quality control
  • No Guesswork: everything included- no going to store/sourcing/one final price including shipping
  • All metal construction- Stronger than wood with no rotting. 
  • All-metal end wall design with pre-made metal door frame and door with hardware.
  • Overlapping metal joints for superior strength and ease of installation. 
  • Integrated wind bracing along 7 lateral points across the entire length of your structure
  • Included Purlin Kits
  • Included Corner Bracing
  • Taller sidewalls for increased working room and air mass
  • Steeper snow arch roofline for less snow buildup in Northern Climates
  • Add shade cloth, roll up sides, shade cloth, trellising kits, double layer, light dep.

Kits include:

  • All frame and endwall components feature Flo-Coat®, a Clear Organic seal on US-made Galvanized pipes.
  • US Steel 16 gauge Pre-Bent Precision Hoops
  • US Steel 16 gauge Ground Posts 
  • US Steel 18 gauge Braces
  • US Steel Prefabricated Door and Frame 36”.  With the option to add doors to the other side or make the single door a double wide. 
  • US Steel 16 gauge End Wall design with supports, eliminating the guesswork
  • Galvanized Hardware Kits include brace bands, nuts, bolts, and washers, zinc self tap screws. Includes nut drivers & drill bits. 
  • Ground Post Driver
  • Texas Made Aluminum Lock Channel
  • PVC Coated Spring wire
  • 4 Year Greenhouse Plastic
  • Available 11’, 4”  14’ and 20’  widths
  • Available in 20’, 40’, 60’, 80, 100’ lengths. After 100' lengths, custom lengths are available. Email us at
  • Guided Instructions, Videos, and Customer care are available 7 days a week via phone and email
  • Horizontal rafter bar and truss kits available upon request- Contact Julian at (888)-406-1982 for more information

Tip: To save on freight we recommend getting additional upgrades with the purchase of a kit. If adding insect netting see chart for additional spring wire needed.

Approximate heights per width:

11' 4" w- 13'-14' height

14' w - 12.5'-13.5' height

20' w - 15.5'-16.5' height

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Greenhouse Kit will ship via motor freight.  

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For custom lengths:

Please send an email to with your requirements and shipping zip code. 


Ask a Question
  • Would the greenhouse arch hoop bender, bend the angle needed for a gothic greenhouse?

    The hoop house bender will not bend the angle for a gothic greenhouse. It will only bend pipes for a round hoop house.