Ground Posts - High Tunnel 16 Gauge

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USA Manufactured Steel Ground Posts

Make building your greenhouse easier and quicker with our pre-cut greenhouse ground posts.  Designed for your high tunnel greenhouse plans.  

  • Each piece is 48" inches long 
  • 1-5/8" galvanized steel pipe
  • 16-gauge (approx. 1.29mm thick)
  • One 1/4" pre-drilled hole on each post for quick attachment of your hoops
  • Pre-drilled hole is located  2" from the top of the ground post


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  • my hoop greenhouse has posts of 1 1/4" your ground posts are 1 5/8" lot of space is there a reason for this not sure

    It depends on the size of pipe for your hoops.  If they are smaller than 1-1/4" then your ground posts would make sense.  However if your hoops are larger than that then your ground posts are likely undersized.  You want ground posts a little larger than your hoops to be able to help support the load on your hoop house.