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Insect Netting


Reduce or eliminate pesticide use!

Protect your crops with this exclusion insect/pest control netting. Exclusion Insect Netting is the ultimate knitted mesh fabric that creates an insect barrier. Insect netting helps to decrease pest and disease pressure in crops creating higher yield potential. This netting can also be an option for vented sidewalls.

What Is Insect Netting?

Insect netting is a lightweight mesh covering designed to act as an insect barrier for plants. It is knitted mesh with 93% light transmission. The netting is breathable and does not obstruct water flow. Plants stay protected from many pests such as aphids, thrips, white flies, leafhoppers, and Japanese beetles. Can be used for deer and rodent protection along with weather protection. Insect netting can help reduce insect infestation on your plants. Less issues with insect pests can lead to less of a potential for plant diseases. Happy plants, higher yields.


How To Use Insect Netting

Netting can be used directly on raised garden beds, draped on plants, attached to trellis's and in hoop greenhouses. Avoid stretching the netting too tight and ensure the netting is sealed on the bottom edges. This can be done with dirt, pins, or clips with the objective being to enclose the crop with the netting free of holes for insects to penetrate.


  • 0.78 X 0.25 mm holes
  • Optical protection
  • 5 year UV resistance
  • Protects against
  • Protects against whiteflies, aphids, and leafminer


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  • Would the cloth prevent deer and rabbits for getting at the plants?

    If the netting is attached correctly and solidly where there are no gaps that deer and rabbits could fit through, then it should protect your crops and deter them from entering. However, if they are determined, they might be able to push through because this netting is really made for protection against insect pressure.

  • Hi Do you sell raised bed hoops or cages to use with insect netting for vegetables garden? I have two raised bed 4'x12'.

    We don't sell raised bed hoops however we do have a 6' Hoop Bender that could build these.

  • How many years does this typically last? Is it UV resistant so it doesn't rot so quickly? I was using tulle from the fabric store but it rots within a couple of months. Thank you

    This insect netting should have a lifespan of 3 seasons.  It is UV protected to help prevent it rotting.