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  • Greenhouse PVC Coated Spring Wire & Lock Channel Bundle

    To get a professional quality job, you need professional quality materials.  Lock channel and spring wire is the most secure and safe way to attach your greenhouse covering. 

    Our plastic-coated spring wire lock allows you to easily remove and re-stretch your plastic without damage.  It is safe for use on all greenhouse plastic as the plastic coating prevents abrasion from the typical bare metal wire.

    Combo Pack Includes

    • Rust Free USA Made Aluminum Lock Channel 6.5 ft in length
    • Spring Wire with PVC Coating for Superior Durability 6.5 ft length

    Avoid putting holes in your expensive greenhouse plastic

    Save time and frustration installing your greenhouse covering

    Give yourself the option of adjusting or reinstalling a greenhouse covering after it's installed

    Key Features:

    • Lock Channel is made from high-quality, Rust Resistant Aluminum
    • PVC coating on spring wire will help prevent tears on your greenhouse plastic and protects the wire for an extended life
    • PVC coating on wire also makes installation easier as it is more forgiving on your hands than competitors' rough steel.
    • Tightly secures greenhouse film or shade cloth (up to 20 mil thick) with minimal effort
    • Easily attaches to frames, baseboards, and hip boards.  Will bend to the arch of your tunnel
    • Mounts to all wood or steel structures.  Pre-drilling or self-tapping screws recommended

    Buying 500+ pieces? Email or call us for a special rate: (888) 406-1982.


    Lock Channel - 6½ feet long x 1" wide x ½" height x 1/16" thick profile
    Spring Wire - 6½ feet long x 1½" wide x 0.083" thick profile


    PVC Coated Spring Wire and Aluminum Lock Channel will help to ensure that your greenhouse can weather the elements and last for years.  Unlike other attachment methods, Lock Channel and Spring Wire will hold up to high winds and harsh environments.  Protect your investments by using the right products.  The PVC Coated Spring Wire and Lock channel method prevent tears during and after installation.    

    Lock Channel is made out of high-quality, rust and maintenance-free aluminum alloy.  It is tough enough to last for years while having the flexibility to bend to the arch of your tunnel.  Effortless installation with pre-drilling or self-tapping screws. 

    The PVC Coated Spring Wire is superior to the non-coated version.  The PVC coating prevents tears and is easier to handle.  It is reusable and can easily be installed and removed by wiggling the wire in and out of the Lock Channel. 

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    Still undecided on Spring Wire and Lock Channel?  Check out our blog which talks about Spring Wire and its advantages.

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    Ask a Question
    • I am putting up hoop houses in a high wind area. Rope and strapping are used in addition to wiggle wire. Any particular kind of rope and where do I find the strapping material?

      We use paracord on our greenhouses.  We purchase directly from here: http://www.parachute-cord.com/1000cord.htm

      If you also need strapping we don't have a great source for this currently.  It is something we may start producing ourselves in the next 2-3 months.  Best source I could find is here:  https://goo.gl/Rzm8CJ most importantly you want to make sure the strapping is UV treated so it doesn't degrade your greenhouse plastic.

    • Do you sell the wiggle wire channels in longer lengths, I need to span arches that are 4' on center, a 12', or 24' length would work great

      No the 6.5' length is the only size we carry.

    • I am using 13oz vinyl tarp, will this work for that thickness?

      As long as the material is under 20 mil. in thickness it will fit.

    • I read that PVC will out gas chlorine that denigrates the plastic cover and drys out the cover prematurely I have painted all my pipes so to make a barrier how will the wire affect out expensive covers?

      The PVC coating on the wire doesn't have any off gassing.  Primarily because it's a very thin coat on the wire and by the time we have it ready for sale any off gassing would have already happened.  The PVC pipe is also problematic because of the rubbing on the pipe in conjunction with the offgassing.  The plastic will have some movement on the pvc pipe whereas the wire is very static.  The wire also covers up the plastic so there is no UV damage to that area however where the PVC tubing is on the plastic is fully exposed to the UV exposure.  The off gassing of the PVC primarily degrades the UV projection rather than the plastic itself. 


    • I am ready to order the 150x54 greenhouse plastic (for 30x100 foot frame) and am wondering if you can tell me what I need to install it properly? Thanks

      Really all you need in most cases is the spring wire and channel.  For the linear feet you will at least need 200 feet plus the end hoops and baseboard.  You also probably need to account for any door frames as well.

    • Could you please tell me how much track and wiggle wire do I need for a 12x40 green house? thx u

      If just need it on the baseboard and end hoops you need 30 pieces of spring wire and lock channel.  If you have both a hipboard and baseboard you will need 44 pieces of wire and channel.

    • Will this work to secure a 15 mil used billboard tarp,or is that too thick?

      Yes it should.  Many of our customers use multiple layers of our 6 mil plastic along with shade cloth without any issues.

    • When it says 100 pack , does it mean 100 of each piece , or 50 channels , and 50 wires ?

      It means 100 pieces of lock channel and 100 pieces of the spring wire


      Due to operational and logistical issues we are not shipping internationally at this time.  We have had numerous problems with shipping companies and customs in regards to delivery time and fees, making it quite the headache for our customers (and ourselves).

    • Due to limited space, We're building a 10x16 hoop house. We are located in Wyoming where it can get very windy. Im having trouble figuring out how many I would need. What do you recommend?

      Please give our tech team a call. They can help you decide what you will need. 888-406-1982 ext. 1