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What Is Wiggle Wire

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Wiggle Wire with Lock Channel

Spring Lock, commonly known as wiggle wire, is a simple and economical way to install greenhouse coverings, including poly plastic and shade cloth, to a structure. Spring Lock is used in conjunction with lock channel (or u-channel) to form a tight and secure attachment of your greenhouse covering. 

Wiggle WireWiggle wire is made of galvanized steel. Some manufacturers also put a PVC coating on the wiggle wire. The advantages of PVC coated wiggle wire are:

  • Longer Lasting - The PVC coating on wiggle wire will help protect the wire from the elements giving it a longer life span

  • Gentler on the Covering Material - Wiggle wire with a PVC coating is much less likely to tear any covering.  Un-coated wiggle wire may have sharp edges that can cause the material to get snagged on these exposed edges.

  • Easier Installation - The PVC on the wiggle wire is much easier on your hands.  There are no sharp edges to worry about.

Advantages of Wiggle Wire

Wiggle Wire has many advantages over other greenhouse covering methods.

  • Faster installation - Using wiggle wire to install greenhouse plastic or shade cloth is a time saver.  Once the plastic or shade cloth is installed over the greenhouse you just simply need to wiggle the wire into the lock channel to lock the covering material in place
  • Economical - Wiggle wire can be purchased at very reasonable price.  The cost per linear foot is very inexpensive especially factoring in that you will be saving your time during installation.  You can also usually buy spring wire with lock channelat a even better price if bought together.
  • Allows the greenhouse covering to be removed or re-stretched after installation - The largest benefit of wiggle wire over other installation methods is that it allows you to remove the covering without any damage.  You can simply wiggle the wire out of the channel without tearing the greenhouse plastic or shade cloth.  If you need to re-stretch your material for any reason you simply cannot do this with screws or staples without tearing the covering material.  Wiggle wire allows you to re-stretch your material without leaving any holes or tears saving you a lot of money and hassle.
  • Superior attachment - Wiggle wire allows you to have superior attachment of your covering material.  It is the ideal choice in any area that is subject to high winds.  Rather than have screws or staples attached every few inches, wiggle wire has a continuous attachment to the structure.  Screw or staple attachment could never compete with the continuous attachment you get with wiggle wire.

Have you used wiggle wire on your greenhouse?  If so we would love to hear your experience with it.  We have used it on our greenhouses with great results.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us or leave a comment below.