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    Boost Harvests with Companion Planting: Top Garden Pairings

    When choosing companion plants, select crops with similar requirements to plant together and ensure spacing can withstand the mature sizes. Learn to work with nature instead of against it to yield the best results. 
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    The USDA's New Plant Hardiness Zone Map - Explained

    The USDA's new plant hardiness zone map has more data points from 13,412 weather stations! Understand how it works & why this makes an impact for gardeners and growers with our comprehensive guide.
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    Growing Potatoes in Grow Bags

    Grow bags are perfect if you have limited space. Enjoy the satisfaction of harvesting your own homegrown potatoes.
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    The Best Drip Irrigation for Container Gardening in Small Scale Gardens

    Want to ensure your container garden grows healthy and strong? Learn about the best drip irrigation for raised beds, and which products you need for a successful installation. With these tips from Bootstrap Farmer, growing your crops will be easier than ever.
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    Seed Saving 101- Saving Seed for Next Year's Garden

    Learn all about seed saving techniques in this full guide. Save your seeds from your vegetable and flower garden for the next season. Create your own plant crosses and buy less seed!
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    Soil Blocking 101

    Soil blocking is a method of propagating seedlings that involves filling a metal blocking tool with soil and squeezing to form a compressed cube. Seeds are planted directly into the formed block. Soil blocks come in various sizes and are advantageous for air prunin...

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    How to Use Heat Mats for Starting Seeds

    Learn how to set-up and properly use a heat-mat in this quick how-to article. Read about the best way to use a heat mat and find out if you even need one!
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    How to Transplant and Up Pot Seedlings

    At What Stage Do You Up Pot or Transplant Seedlings? Learn from the experts at Bootstrap Farmer all of the top tips for successfully transplanting seedlings into bigger pots or outdoors.

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    Selecting the Right Seed Starting Cell Trays

    Want to start your plants in a cell seed starting trays? Do you know what size best fits your needs?  We will go over the different options to help you select which is best for you.

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    How to Wash and Care for Seedling Trays

    Planting season is an exciting time for growers. But, before you get too anxious about planting those seeds, have you cleaned your equipment since the last growing season? Read about the BEST methods to clean and care for your propagation trays.
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    Easiest Way to Water your Seedlings

    Watering your seedlings is an essential part of their growth. There are two basic ways to water your seedlings. Learn how to water seedlings the best way at Bootstrap Farmer!
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    Backyard Gardening

    What you can grow will depend on your location, the microclimates at play, and the space available. Talk to your local extension agent for information on gardening in your area.

    For beginners, raised bed and grow bag gardening are excellent choices due to their simplicity and ease of setup. Raised beds offer better soil control and drainage while minimizing weed growth, making them ideal for new gardeners. Grow bags, on the other hand, are portable, require minimal space, and are perfect for growing a variety of plants, making them a beginner-friendly option.

    Some vegetables do better when planted together as companions. A great example is that tomatoes and basil make great companions, as basil enhances tomato flavor while deterring pests. Carrots and onions also grow well together, with onions warding off carrot flies and vice versa. Additionally, beans, corn, and squash planted together in the "Three Sisters" method support each other's growth and space utilization.