Crafting a Chef's Palate With Edible Flowers, Herbs and Microgreens

September 17, 2021 2 min read 0 Comments

growing edible flowers for chefs


 From our How to Grow Microgreens Series

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Nick & Nathan from On the Acre in Houston, TX discuss growing microgreens and edible flowers for chefs.  


Crafting a Chef’s Palate Transcript

We are the tasting menu of farming. You go to a restaurant;  you know you have cafeterias, and you have your chain restaurants, and then you have your single shops and then your tasting menus. We're crafting lettuces and microgreens and flowers to elevate dishes of the truly unique, the craft industry. 

I would almost say in a way, it’s kind of like a tailoring that we do of our product. The way we grow the varieties that we grow to the needs of our clients. That's how we approach our business and what makes us successful. Where we are, as opposed to doing more general things, we work very closely with chefs with our clients to get very specific leaf shapes, sizes, true leaves, not true leaves, stem length. There's really just an endless amount of variables that go into the end product that we're giving our clients. There's a craft and an artistry {to what we are doing}. It’s about meeting very specific demands to this industry.

We have a brand new restaurant that we just started working with and it actually opens in two days. They are the first person to notice on our price sheet that we have custom mixes. And so they went through our list and they picked out five different varieties. They told us how big they want the leaves, how big they want the stems. So we have half of them at true leaf stage, we have the other half at cotyledon on stage.

It's gorgeous and I just made my second delivery today. They want to double the order of the mix that they're currently getting and they're not even open yet.  So it's what Nick tells me all the time, to go back to what we were talking about a second ago, is that we're selling luxury items. 

Sometimes I have a hard time wrapping my head around how much money people are paying for what we're selling them. Nick reminds me it's a luxury item. We're giving them a handcrafted thing to put on top of a plate or to enhance the flavor of a drink or to beautify a dish and that's the industry that we're in. It baffles me on a daily basis’ these little containers this big {one to two inches tall} with 50 leaves in it I'm selling them for 18-25 dollars.

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